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The AMZ CD has been updated in January 2021. It now includes all of the schematics and articles that are provided to purchasers of AMZ pc boards, in addition to the information listed below. Several dozen new booster, buffer and power supply circuits are now included. More information for your effects designs at the same price!

The complete original AMZ web site is available on CD-rom. It has all of the past projects that have been posted from 1995 on.

Complete Projects with Full Text and Schematics:

  • AMZ Mini-Booster
    • The original high gain Class A discrete design jfet signal booster with the pleasing harmonic sound that will remind you of vacuum tubes! Drive your amp into a range it's never been in before.
  • Son of Screamer Overdrive
    • A simplified version of the classic Tube Screamer design with optional circuit improvements and upgrades
  • Fuxx Face
    • The most versatile Fuzzface-type circuit includes a tone control for additional tweaking
  • Fet Muff Distortion
    • Four soft distortion jfet gain stages in series for a tube-like sound
  • Fat Gnat Fuzzbox
    • Throw away your Rat and build this ultra-hot replacement! Agressive distortion at its best!
  • Mini-Tubes Preamp
    • The most innovative guitar preamp in years! The best tube amp sound available with solidstate circuitry! This original concept design (cascaded mini-boosters) has the gain, 'chunk' and response that guitarists love.
  • Dual Booster
    • One input to two output splitter with gain control of each channel
  • Quad Buffer
    • High impedance input to low impedance outputs (x4)
  • A/B Switchbox
    • A passive true bypass switcher - No Tone Loss!
  • Lab Notebook
    • Tone Controls
    • Cabinet Simulator - Simple and cost effective with no hard-to-find parts
    • True Bypass w/LED from a DPDT switch
    • Close Look at the Big Muff: in-depth circuit evaluation
    • Close Look at the Rat: in-depth circuit evaluation
    • Jfet projects
    • Diode Clipping Info
    • Stepped Attenuator
    • Wall Wart Hum Reducer
    • Personality Modules
    • Modifying Pot Taper & Response
    • Tube Screamer Op-Amps
  • and many more projects

$22.00 US plus postage.
If I update the CD within 6 months of your purchase, you are entitled to a free copy of the updated version!

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