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More FX Pedal Enclosures

Here the AMZ lab staff are proving how hard they are working by showing the aluminum dust from the sanding operation.

Update: The AMZ staff has gone on strike and refuse to sand any more boxes or drill any more pc boards until I get a new Playstation. I think they are trying to unionize...

I built a large box out of aluminum diamond plate that I bought at Lowes. I cut it with a saber saw. To bend it, I took a chisel and scored a line on the back of the plate at the point where I want to bend it. Then the plate went into a vise with a piece of angle iron at the point where I wanted the bend. I broke the first piece that I tried because I had made the score line too deep but after that it was no problem.

The bottom of the box is made from oak and finished with a tung oil stain. There are brass screws holding the aluminum to the wooden bottom.

Here I have made a 1:1 drawing of the box that I am building for a prototype boost pedal.

This is a prototype of a boost pedal that I designed recently. It offers a lot of boost and a couple of features not seen on any of the currently available boosters. There is no LED installed yet on the pedal but I have plans to put it near the top edge between the knobs.

A view from the front of the pedal showing the power adapter jack.

Another angle... there are several layers of clear overcoat protecting the image. I learned a lot about metal finishing while making this pedal.

And lastly, for those who asked about the circuitry, here is a closeup of the board made for this project.

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