[1727] Delay Time Calculator

Date: January 20th, 2015 | Comments : none | Categories: DIY.

delay pedal

Calculate the number of milliseconds delay to enter into your echo pedal.


[1721] Notch Tone Control

Date: January 12th, 2015 | Comments : [1] | Categories: DIY.

bridged-tee tone control

A bridged-t notch tone control in the Lab Notebook. Enjoy!


[1740] AC176 Germanium Transistors

Date: January 5th, 2015 | Comments : [2] | Categories: DIY.

ac125 transistors

I sorted through a bag of AC176 NPN germanium transistors. There were 100 transistors in the sealed bag, and above are the cups with the results of the sorting.

The one on the right is very low gain transistors that are only suitable for use as diodes. The cup in the middle holds transistors with good gain but excessive leakage. On the far left is the cup with the good transistors… there are 2 of them out of the bag of 100. Not good.



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