[2636] Low Slew Rate Op Amp

Date: November 29th, 2019 | Comments : none | Categories: DIY.

If you are a pedal builder that likes to experiment with different op amps in your Rat pedal, then you should try the NJMOP07D chip that is still available from Mouser.

The slew rate is about 40% slower than the coveted LM308 but it is a single op amp with a similar pin configuration that should be a direct drop-in, and you can quickly test the sound of it for slightly more than a dollar!


[2634] Blind testing

Date: November 13th, 2019 | Comments : none | Categories: DIY.

Blind testing a 1 db difference in volume: https://www.audiocheck.net/blindtests_level.php?lvl=1

I was surprised that when I repeated the test 10 times, I could identify the 1db change with 99.65% confidence. That was on the first pass, and with a little practice, I am certain that I could do it with 100% results. However, when testing audio devices, 1db is a large change!

There are smaller decibel differences in the testing that you can try. It is an interesting test site.



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