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Date: August 18th, 2020 | Comments : [3] | Categories: DIY.

This month marks 25 years of continuous publication of the AMZ web site, though in the first few years it was called DMZ.

I launched the first web page in August 1995 when the first AOL members web storage spaces became available. You may have seen the http://members.aol.com/jorman/ web address on a few on my very old schematics. At the time, there were only 23,500 web sites on the entire Internet and there was only one other fx pedal related site called Leper’s Abode, but it was only a collection of a few schematics.

Back in 1995, there was no Amazon, Facebook, Google, Youtube, Instagram or any of the other web services that are in daily use today.

The latest Windows version then in common use was 3.11 though Windows 95 launched later in the month. There were plenty of DOS machines still in use too. It was a much smaller and more limited online world in those early days, and no web stores! You had to get paper catalogs to order from Digikey or Allied Electronics, and call them on the phone to place an order — landline phone: most people didn’t have a cell phone as they were very expensive and quite large. They would not fit in your pocket yet.

The muzique.com domain name was registered in March 1999 and I moved the web site from AOL to the new server, where it has been since.

I hosted two fx forums over the years with the last one only shutting down when the free web forum service closed. Around that time, two new effects forums opened, including Ampage (created in 1999) and DIYStompboxes (created in 2001).

Jack Orman
18 August 2020


3 Responses to “25 Years!”

[787283] AMZ-FX Guitar Effects Blog » Blog Archive Premier Guitar article - AMZ-FX Guitar Effects Blog Says: 3:16 pm, September 17th, 2020

[…] is the oldest continually published pedal site on the […]

[787314] Yann Says: 11:50 am, February 13th, 2021

Nice, learning a lot from these sites. Why was DMZ dropped?

[787315] admin Says: 8:54 am, February 20th, 2021

DMZ was the original name but it was changed long ago to reflect the fact that most projects were actually analog.

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