Jack I built my first guitar effects circuit in 1976… a Craig Anderton fuzz from Guitar Player magazine using a pc board that I made with a Sharpie pen and some Radio Shack copperclad. It worked the first time I fired it up and I was hooked on do-it-yourself effects! A few months later I was building handmade stompboxes and selling them in the music/record store that I owned… remember this is 1976, which makes me one of the earliest boutique pedal builders!!! Over the next 10+ years I also used a variety of homemade projects in bands that I played with.

In the early 1980s I had my first article published in an electronics magazine and since then I’ve written several dozen articles for such magazines as Popular Electronics, Nuts-n-Volts, Electronic Musician, Videomaker, Modern Recording, Polyphony and others.

Skip forward to 1995 which was the year that I started my web site (then called DMZ) and posted some effects schematics that I had collected or designed (including the first mini-booster). At the time there was only one other schematics site on the Internet – the Leper’s Abode. AMZ has been online and the pages viewed more than a million times since then!

Check out my CD-rom and Mini-Booster newsletter or even the AMZ Lab Notebook to see the type of work that I do, and see my latest pedal projects in the guitar effects blog.


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