[2599] Bodge wire

Date: August 1st, 2019 | Comments : none | Categories: DIY.

It looks like the pcb on this Daphon E20CM compressor was supposed to have a square cutout in the top left corner to match the one on the right side, in order to fit around the mounting post. When cutting the pcb, the board fractured and chipped off a small piece including a portion of a copper trace. Instead of trashing the damaged board, they added a bodge wire to replace the missing trace.

The problem is that the right end of the wire was never soldered to anything. Under magnification, the stripped end of the wire does not seem to have any solder on it and none of the solder points have any indication that a wire was connected anywhere.

The pedal is brand new from the box and I am the original owner, so it is not a mod gone bad by a previous owner. The pedal works properly in bypass but does not work when toggled on. Did they test this before sending it out? Obviously not.


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