[1320] Drive Pot Taper

Date: September 3rd, 2012 | Comments : none | Categories: DIY.

drive pot wiring

It is common to use a potentiometer in the feedback loop of an opamp to adjust the gain of a booster or distortion pedal. The Rat and TS-808 types (and many others) use this method of adjusting the gain (or drive) to control the amount of distortion.

Many DIY builders prefer to use an audio taper pot for this control since this allows a smoother adjustment range than a linear taper. With the linear version, the gain jumps greatly within the first quarter turn of the knob. An audio taper will spread the gain over the entire rotation of the knob for a uniform response.

If you are making a Son of Screamer, TS-808 or Rat clone, try an audio taper pot for the drive control and see if you like the response. You must wire it as shown in the image above to get proper functioning of the control.


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