[1619] EHX B9 Organ Pedal

Date: July 14th, 2014 | Comments : none | Categories: DIY.

EHX B9 pedal

The EHX B9 organ pedal is an excellent sounding box, but not without problems:
Although it performs audio magic by converting a guitar signal into a quite good imitation of a tonewheel organ, it does require skill to get a convincing sound out of it.

There are several things that you can do to improve the simulation.

1. Play carefully to avoid pitch bends. When you bend a string, it begins to sound like a synth imitation of an organ. Using heavier than normal strings will help in this regard.
2. Put a compressor pedal before the EHX-B9 pedal and turn up the compression to even out the string volumes. This really helps if you have a light picking technique, like me. You won’t miss the dynamic range since most organs only get their dynamics from the volume pedal.
3. Carefully choose your chords. It is easy to span 3 octaves on a guitar neck with a simple bar chord but that’s not a typical sound for an organ. Space the notes close together and use simple chords with fewer notes.
4. Leave the guitar volume cranked up to 10. I have found that a stronger signal makes the B9 track more reliably.
5. Try different pickup selections. Some people say that the bridge pickup works best but on a Tele, the neck pickup seemed to be better.

You won’t be able to plug in this pedal and instantly become Keith Emerson. It takes some work to get the best sound out of it, so try some of these tips and don’t get discouraged!


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