[10] GAS Pedals

Date: May 22nd, 2007 | Comments : none | Categories: pedals.

Rodenberg Amplification has a series of pedals with some interesting features. The laser engraved stainless steel top plate is a nice touch too.

The 728 (shown here) can be used in a couple of different modes according to the switch settings. Another nice item is the jewel lamp over the indicator, which I have used on pedals before too. One of the rocker switches is used to flip the LED between bright and dim settings, which I’ve not previously seen on a commercial pedal.

The rocker switches also have integral led indicators to show when they are activated. All of these leds require that the pedals use an external power supply instead of a battery.

I don’t know anything about the circuitry but the text seems to indicate that some of the pedals are using a modded TS-808 topology.

There is a shot of the inside of the boost pedal and they seem to be well made.

Rodenberg GAS Pedals


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