[1214] Mini-Booster Frequency Response

Date: April 10th, 2012 | Comments : [1] | Categories: DIY.

Mini-Booster frequency response

I recently bought the TrueRTA software to use for measurements of audio circuits, and after installing and calibrating the setup with the laptop in my lab, I plugged in the Mini-Booster to see how it performed.

The results were that the circuit is flat for most of the range with a high frequency droop of about 0.25db at 20KHz. The low end also sags somewhat and is down slightly over 0.30db at 82Hz (low E on a guitar) and about -1.25db at 41Hz (low E on the bass guitar). This is excellent response for guitar use and more than good enough for bass. The low end -3db corner frequency is about 25Hz.

These measurements were made with a stock mini-booster circuit built on the pcb that I sell for the circuit. J201 transistors are used in this pedal and it is capable of about 35db of gain.

Once I get some more practice using the software, I will test the Mosfet Boost and some other transistor and opamp circuits.


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