[2400] Op Amp Circuit Collection

Date: April 26th, 2018 | Comments : [2] | Categories: DIY.

Every op amp circuit you’ll ever need (almost):

Texas Instruments AN-31 by Bob Pease


2 Responses to “Op Amp Circuit Collection”

[785766] BrotherTank Says: 3:35 pm, September 24th, 2018

While at the TI site you might want to check out more of the other Application Notes that are available from the site. There is lots of good and valuable information there.

[786069] Wayne Kirkwood Says: 1:57 pm, December 4th, 2018

Hi – AN-31 was originally published in 1970 by National Semiconductor and was authored by Robert “Bob” Dobkin. When TI acquired National and republished the documents they scrubbed the name of Bob Dobkin who had moved on from National to co-found TI competitor Linear Technology. You can find an original 1970 version – which hasn’t “de-personed” Bob Dobkin here: https://www.proaudiodesignforum.com/images/pdf/Op_Amp_Circuit_Collection_National_Semiconductor_AN-31_Dobkin_1970.pdf


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