[1193] Relay Bypass Updates

Date: April 4th, 2012 | Comments : none | Categories: DIY.

Tweed Stack bypass

I have added instructions on the relay bypass support page on how to control multiple bypasses with a single momentary switch. You can even toggle between two circuits with one switch.

The code in the micro has been revised to add a little tolerance to support multiple switches. The support page is available to everyone who purchases the AMZ relay bypass.

Also I have had a report of problems with a boards not wanting to switch and this was traced to cheap relays bought from surplus outlets, which do not meet the minimum standards on the relay datasheet. The code in the microprocessor has been updated to make sure that even out-of-spec relays will switch reliably. If you have problems with a relay not wanting to switch, return your micro to me and I’ll rewrite its code with the latest version.

Lastly, if you play with the relay and micro on a breadboard, be aware that the added capacitance of some breadboards can impact the reliability of the switching. My breadboards work fine for testing but one user has had problems with his. Once he installed the parts on the pcb, everything worked as designed. Just FYI. The latest code revision may help with this too.


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