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Date: March 26th, 2020 | Comments : [1] | Categories: DIY.

The whole social distancing thing sucks. Everyone realizes it, but on the good side, we can take the opportunity to work on all of those projects that have been collecting dust! I’ve worked on more projects in the last couple of weeks than I did in the previous 6 months!

I am still able to mail packages to anyone in the USA. All of my pc boards and packaging material was on-hand since late last year so it has not been exposed to any external contamination. I cannot guarantee what the postal workers do with it once they have to process the package, and the best idea is to place every package that you receive on a shelf for at least 24 hours before handling or opening it. However, I still make a trip to the post office once or twice per week to send out orders.

If you order any AMZ pcb at this time, I will include a free pc board for the Electra distortion. Just note free Electra pcb in the comment section when you check out.

AMZ PC Boards for sale

Stay safe!


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[787249] admin Says: 9:28 am, March 26th, 2020

If you want to look at the Electra pcb support page, it is here:


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