[1629] Through-Hole J-Fets

Date: July 19th, 2014 | Comments : [1] | Categories: DIY.

BF256 jfet

As previously reported, many through-hole jfets have been discontinued and the prices for old stock has gone up 4x to 10x in recent weeks.

Though some online retailers do have old stock of jfets, many of the big suppliers have fewer choices than they did in the past. Pedal parts suppliers, such as Small Bear, have plenty of jfets for diy builders but don’t want to sell bulk to commercial builders.

Mouser, which I use as one of the parts suppliers for many of my projects, has the BF256B in stock in large numbers (over 30,000 as I write this), which is a jfet that can be used in many of the popular circuits, and it is reasonably priced. The only item to watch is that the pin configuration is different, but if you turn the fet around 180 degrees, it will be perfectly aligned with the layouts that I use for the J201 or 2N5457 transistors. Try it in the mini-booster or as a buffer.

Mouser also just started stocking InterFET parts, which source many of the popular jfets (such as the J201) that have been used in pedal projects, however, the prices of the InterFET parts are very high and I cannot recommend them for that reason. Check out Small Bear or Mammoth if you don’t need large numbers of transistors.


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[137876] Aaron Mieswinkel Says: 11:25 am, August 21st, 2014

Thanks for this blog Jack – awesome resource. I need a different source than Mouser and this helped me find two resources with which I wasn’t familiar.

Maybe of interest to you and others here – Sparkfun (I have no affiliation, just buy from them regularly) have raw aluminum stomp box enclosures available it appears they purchased as surplus. I say “raw” as they need exterior finishing as they just have a rough wire brushed finish but they’re thick and high quality. They have two sizes available and they’re cheap (4.95 and 5.95)!


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