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NEW! In June 1995 there were an estimated 23,500 websites on the Net. Two months later the first version of the AMZ effects site went online and at the time was one of only two sites devoted to guitar effects and electronics. Flash forward a few years and The Internet Software Consortium, which measures the size of the Internet, reported in July 2002 that there were 162,128,493 websites on the Internet! Yikes!

I am happy to report that out of those 162 million web sites, AMZ/Muzique ranks as the 525,043 most popular site on the entire Internet... we won't be edging into the top 10 any time soon but it is in the Top 0.32%! Thanks for your patronage. source: Alexa - January 2003

Update: July 2004
There are now close to 200 million web sites on the Internet. I have now included a special script from Alexa that will update the ranking of this site daily, as shown below.

Update: January 2012
The World Wide Web contains at least 8 billion pages (Wednesday, 04 January, 2012).


ABOUT ME - I built my first guitar effects circuit in 1976... a Craig Anderton fuzz from Guitar Player magazine using a pc board that I made with a Sharpie pen and some Radio Shack copperclad. It worked the first time I fired it up and I was hooked on do-it-yourself effects! A few months later I was building handmade stompboxes and selling them in the music/record store that I owned... remember this is 1976, which makes me one of the earliest boutique pedal builders!!! Over the next 10+ years I also used a variety of homemade projects in bands that I played with.

In the early 1980s I had my first article published in an electronics magazine and since then I've written several dozen articles for such magazines as Popular Electronics, Nuts-n-Volts, Electronic Musician, Videomaker, Modern Recording, Polyphony and others.

Skip forward to 1995 which was the year that I started my web site (then called DMZ) and posted some effects schematics that I had collected or designed (including the first mini-booster). At the time there was only one other schematics site on the Internet - the Leper's Abode. AMZ has been online and the pages viewed more than a million times since then!

Check out my CD-rom and Mini-Booster newsletter or even the AMZ Lab Notebook to see the type of work that I do, and see my latest pedal projects in the guitar effects blog.

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