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  • I DO NOT HAVE ANY OTHER SCHEMATICS or know where they can be found because if I did the link would be published on one of my links pages!

  • Read the Effects Q&A before sending an e-mail. Your question may be answered in that help file.

  • I do not teach beginning electronics. If you do not know how to build a circuit, Barnes & Noble and most other book stores, or even Radio Shack, have many that you should consider.

  • Almost all the resistors can be 1/4 watt, 5% or 10% tolerance. Capacitors should have a voltage rating higher than the power supply you are using. Diodes can be 1N914, 1N4001, 1N4148 or similar unless specified otherwise. Transistors substitutions can generally be 2N3904 for NPN varieties and 2N3906 for PNP; except when you are using a Ge transistor to get a special sound, or some similar reason compelling you to use a special component.

  • All of the GiFs are really there.... if you cannot get them then try at a different time when Internet traffic has lessened, or not so busy.

  • Sorry but I get so many requests that I cannot copy schematics & mail them to you.

  • If you do send mail, you must have a valid e-mail address for me to reply to; I cannot tell you how many times I get mail from someone and when I respond, the e-mail is bounced back to me because of an unknown URL

NOTICE! No permission is granted for anyone or any web site to use schematics, articles, designs or other information from AMZ. It is unfortunate that it has to be this way, but there are some people who refuse to post a link or credit the source, and have intentionally used my work without permission or acknowledgment.

The Effects Message Board is now online with information about AMZ Projects and circuits.

Read the Effects Q&A before sending an e-mail. Also read the Beginner's Tips on Justin Philpott's web site. Also, there is a collection of information and links to good articles on beginning electronics at the Stompbox site.

Shameless Promotion Time

Read just a few of the e-mail comments that I have
received about the projects available on AMZ

I constructed your fet muff and it sounds great

Finished the compressor. Works very nicely. Am looking forward to seeing what projects you have for the SSM2166 chip.

I have built the Son of Screamer and use it regularly. Very smooth. And I'll be ordering one o' those compressor chips soon.

I built yout FET Muff today and have to tell you that it is excellent. It overdrives the front end of my JCM 800 quite nicely!

Just a quick note to say thanks. I've just built myself a 9V powersupply from the schematic on your site. It's great. The output is rocksolid at 9V, and I couldn't hear any difference in my FD2 when AB'ing it with a (non-vintage) battery.

I built the son of screamer you posted on your page: very, very nice! It's the first pedal I ever built and I'm surprised how good it sounds.

My compliments for your page! I tried the Fet muff and it sounds nice!

I just wanted to thank you for the info. I just finished fabricating a fuxx face an hour ago. I really like the sounds it gets. ( I just played it with an SG & a Deluxe Reverb).

I'm currently constructing your Dual Booster project, and I'm really excited about it. This is the first project of this type that I have assembled

I have made your Son-of-Screamer pedal and it sounds great when I use it on the dirty channel on my Laney solid-state combo.

I just finished making the FET Muff. Wow!! It sounded super! It sounded great as a tube driver, but I couldn't believe how great it made a solid-state amp sound. The most convincing tube sound I've heard yet.

I've just completed building the FET MUFF and it sounds great

Thanks for the very fine schematic. I made one and it workes great. (Dual Booster)

I built your effect (son of screamer) and thoroughly enjoyed the effect.

When I ran it (FET Muff) through my friends Fender Pro Reverb it was amazing. From a tight chunky rhythm sound to a so much grunge I'll be washing for a week, It's very versatile and I'd highly recommend it to anyone with a solid state amp. The diode switching is a really cool way to tailor the sound to individual songs and makes different sound available at the flick of a switch, great idea. Thanks again for a low cost quality box that is as good if not better than most of the other stuff out there.

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