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New! The Fat Rat

The AMZ Custom Shop is now closed! The modified ProCo Rat 2, shown here beside a standard model, is sold out and I am not buying any more pedals to mod at this time. You can order my Rat ebook which includes a complete description of the mods if you want to do it yourself.

Numerous parts are changed in the Rat so that it has asymmetrical clipping for a tube-like sound, smoother response, better range of the tone control, and lower noise. Read the complete tech details of the mods.

Update Aug 2017: My Kindle ebook with new information on the Rat and the mods is now available from Amazon:

Guitar FX Mods ebook

The extensively modified Rat pedal is =SOLD OUT=. If you are interested in the AMZ Fat Rat pedals, to inquire further.

Fat Rat Sound Samples (mp3)
Clean Sounds
Gain is set at minimum so you can hear the pedal acting as a boost. If strummmed hard, the Fat Rat does generate some distortion.
Mid Drive Sounds
Gain is set at the mid-point and the center and bridge pickups are used to demonstrate that it is still capable of some hard grunge.
Full Drive Sounds
Gain is set near maximum to demonstrate the full tilt boogie. Volume is loud enough that the setup is trying to feedback.
Woman Tone
Crank up the Filter of the Fat Rat and get a smooth sustaining distortion sound that reminds me of a Big Muff. Fat and juicy!
All clips recorded through my AX84 tube amp set for a clean neutral tone using a stock 1970 Fender Stratocaster - miked with an SM-57. All distortion is being produced by the pedal.

Heavy Tones
Fuzz Chords
Thanks to David Lee for these excellent Fat Rat samples!

Here's what one user has to say about his AMZ modified Rat:
Nice power chord crunch... Harmonics were jumping off at max settings, I haven't compressed it yet, but I'm positive it will nail Santana sustain and ringing tone. The Super Rat is similar to the Hotcake. It misses a tad of grit and gain in comparison, but would become a staple of any player's board. It has multiple uses compared to stock. I'm keeping it!!

Another satisified user posted these remarks:
I have had a quick half hour play with it and first impressions are that it is awesome. The low end on the 'woman' setting (distortion full, filter full, volume 3 o'clock) is the fattest I have ever heard. The sustain just goes on for ever. I can play with out even picking the strings. Rolling back the filter brings more midds into the mix and brings a whole raft of tones into play.

And yet more:
No bullsh*tting, it's the best fuzz/distortion/overdrive pedal I have ever plugged in too, and believe me I have played with quite a few.

A recent pedal tester reports:
I have never played a Rat, but I like this version of Jack's. Very smooth, almost glassy distortion. The filter knob can dial in some odd eq, but there are a few sweet spots as well. Sweep pickers could live off of this pedal. Complex midrange and harmonics in there for the Robben Ford crowd, too.

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The Fat Rat Turbo! - This modified Rat 2 has an added switch that will enable a pair of LED clippers or the si/ge mods as described in the basic Fat Rat mods. I used an ultrabright Pink LED for the one shown here with a modified Boss SD-1 (that has a nice gold LED). I really like the switchable diodes; they give the box a whole new dimension.

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