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AMZ is a resource with information about guitar effects pedals, stompboxes, audio circuits and tips on how to build them. There are fuzzbox schematics, signal booster projects, audio mixers and much more available free. Take some time to browse the site and discover information that can help you with your next DIY effects pedal project. You might decide to build your own clone of a classic!

AMZ Guitar FX blog updated!
There are several new articles in the stompbox blog, including tips on LED connections, mods for the 5-knob compressor, buffered output for TS-808 clones and much more. Bookmark and check it often!

AC128 GERMANIUM TRANSISTORS are back!. I have a limited number of these smooth sounding vintage transistors. Order a pair before they are gone.

New! Germanium transistor buffer boards are in stock. Build the positive ground buffer recently posted in the AMZ Effects Blog. Each board purchase includes a free (leaky) AC128.

The new Mini-Booster pc boards have arrived. They have a green solder mask and a white silkscreen parts placement. Printed schematics and detailed instructions included with every order.

Click here for complete details on this board, the mosfet booster pcb and ordering information. Build your own custom booster with our easy to follow instructions!

The Mosfet Booster pc boards are back in stock. They have a white solder mask and a blue silkscreen parts placement. Printed schematics and detailed instructions included with every order.

Click here for complete details and ordering information. Build your own mosfet booster with our easy to follow instructions!

Voltage Doubler PCBs are available in a limited number. Convert 9v to 18v with this circuit. Stuffed and soldered pc boards only at this time.

Update - Read about the history of the AMZ Mini-Booster circuit, its origins, and pre-Internet status.

NEW ARTICLES! Bypassing the BMP tone control is a new article in the Lab Notebook section of the site. The Double Tone Control, Tone Clippers and the basics of Pedal Impedance are also recent additions.

The AMZ Projects Gallery has been updated with a couple of pictures of work in process. Also there is a new tip posted in the Lab Notebook.

The Mosfet Booster, Mini-Booster, Overdrive Pro, Shaka 5 and other complete, ready-to-build guitar effects are located on the AMZ Projects page. Top quality and Excellent sound is Guaranteed. Build one today!

Is it Okay to Clone? Get the info about circuit cloning and copycat pedals!

Tremolo Pedal Reviews - a shootout with some common tremolo stompboxes. How do they compare? Read more...

Boost pedal reviews also updated!

Updated! Bidding has ended on the AMZ Tsunami Relief Pedal - Guytronix was the high bidder on this custom-made pedal. All the money from its sale will be donated to a Red Cross fund for the Tsunami victims.

The June 2005 issue of Guitar Player magazine had a brief article on page 34 about the Tsunami Relief stompboxes including a picture of the AMZ Plexi Stack! The 20 participating pedal builders raised over $16,600 for the charity with the auctions. Thanks!

The Q&D Compressor articles are still available here but the SSM2166 chips are sold out.

I have been beta-testing the new Line 6 Tonecore stompboxes. Read about my experiences with these interesting pedals! Update: A review of the Echo Park by Mark Hammer is now posted!

I have three classic Small Stone phasers for sale. The price is reduced to $160.00 upon the appraisal of a reliable music dealer.

NOTICE! Some dirtbag spammer has been forging email addresses on his spam. NO SPAM is ever sent from this domain! There is not much that can be done as it is simply a forged header on the messages that actually has nothing to do with this site. Sorry for inconvenience, Jack


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•   Is it Legal to Clone?
•   How to wire a DPDT Switch
•   Fretboard Care
•   My Homebuilt AX84 Amp
•   Free Soundcard Oscilloscopes!
•   How to Solder
•   Dr. Quack, Mosfet Boost, Mini-Booster and more!
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A Close Look at The Big Muff and Proco Rat
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Big Muff Pi Distortion

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Analog Music Projects v1.1; Mini-booster Issue

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