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More Enclosures

Here is a selection of inexpensive enclosures that I bought for future use. Going clockwise from the bottom left are: a 4" electrical box, a 4" PVC drain cap, a 6" aluminum cake pan, a stainless steel bowl, two small lunchboxes, a wooden box and next to the TS-9 are some wooden knobs.

The electrical box and drain cap came from Lowes but Home Depot has them as well. I found the steel bowl at Academy Sports in the camping gear section. The cake pan, lunch boxes, knobs and box are from Michaels craft store but Hobby Lobby has similar items.


The PVC drain cap makes a good enclosure for fuzzface clones. I did not line the inside with copper or aluminum foil for shielding so that I could do some tests but it probably would be a good idea if you live in an area with a lot of interference. The top of the cap is thick and it was necessary to drill the hole then select a much larger drill bit and recess the inside so that the pots would go through the thick material. There are two aluminum standoffs glued to the sides for screws to go through the bottom plate to hold it in place. I used a clear silicon glue and it secured them quite well; I have no fear that they will come off.

The lunch boxes were $3 and $5 and will make good practice amp chassis. The small one could be used as a stompbox but the metal is too thin except for home use. The aluminum cake pan and steel bowl are quite thick and will stand a bit of abuse.

More pictures of enclosures...

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