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Magnetic Paint

If you have seen the AMZ article on alternate enclosures for audio use, then you may know that some of the interesting sizes and shapes are made of non-conductive wood or plastic and offer no shielding to external noise. Here is a quick tip on how to provide shielding for that special enclosure that you have found. Krylon makes a special spray paint that is intended to be used to coat a surface and thereby allow magnets to stick to the painted surface. The paint is loaded with iron particles, which is what allows magenets to stick, and a can is quite heavy.

Spray the inside of your non-metallic enclosure with the Krylon paint and it will add a coating that provides a shield to extraneous interference. It is quick, easy and fairly inexpensive. It certainly is easier than trying to line the inside of a box with glue and aluminum foil! I bought the can pictured here at a Hobby Lobby store, but it is likely available at Michael's and many other craft stores. Give it a try and use your imagination to put those unusual enclosures to work.

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