[816] AMZ Dual Booster

Date: December 12th, 2010 | Comments : none | Categories: DIY.

Dual Booster PCB

This is the new Dual Booster pcb, which is so versatile that it practically needs a web site of its own! The basic configuration is to have two booster circuits in series, but it is capable of much more.

There are two completely independent booster circuits on the pcb. The most obvious use is to put them in series to use the first booster to overdrive the second boost. However, they can be used independently to make two boosters in one pedal.

Dual Booster layoutEither booster circuit can be a bipolar, jfet or mosfet transistor circuit. Therefore, you could have a bipolar driving a jfet, or a mosfet driving a bipolar, or any other combination of your choice. The jfet circuits can even be a mini-booster design, or you could use an AC176 germanium for Q1 or Q2.

Also, there are new designs on the support page that is emailed to purchasers of the pcb, which are not available anywhere else.

Finally, the two gain sections can be combined to make a two transistor discrete opamp booster, which will have non-inverting output (unlike most boosts). This simple opamp-like circuit can also be used to make a distortion with clipping diodes. The possibilities are almost endless!

I am working on the support page but there is so much information that has to be written that it will take some time to get it compiled. You can pre-order the pcb now and review the design pages as they are updated.

Now, all you have to do is decide what type of booster you want to have in each of the stages!


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