[1567] CLM6000 Replacement

Date: March 24th, 2014 | Comments : none | Categories: DIY.

CLM6000 data

Several of the classic Craig Anderton projects used the CLM6000 optocoupler, which has become difficult to find. The question then is what to use as a replacement for it. I downloaded the CLM6000 datasheet and then checked the Silonex datasheets to find a similar part.

It turns out that the NSL-32 opto is almost an exact duplicate. It is so close that it is likely to have been originally developed as an alternate to the CLM photo-resistor. Click on the image above for a full size datasheet comparison.

Small Bear sells the Silonex NSL-32 but be sure to get the basic part, and not one of the revised versions with additional suffixes, such as NSL-32R2. You want the basic NSL-32 if you are looking to use it in place of the CLM6000.


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