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Date: April 9th, 2008 | Comments : none | Categories: Uncategorized.

Fuzz dvd

Fuzz: The Sound That Changed the World

Directed by Clif Taylor

I bought a copy of this DVD and finally got time to watch it last night. I must compliment the producers on making a very professional video that all pedal enthusiasts will find interesting. Not only do you get to see some guitar playing legends such as Billy Gibbons and Peter Frampton, but the film features many current pedal builders talking about tone and design. There are also short demos of numerous custom effects pedals (mostly fuzz and distortion).

It is great to be able to put faces with many of the forumites you have only connected with through their text posts, and to be able to hear them talk about pedals and guitars.

I give it two thumbs up! Anyone who is seriously interested in pedals should see this film!

Check it out: Fuzz: The Sound That Changed the World


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