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3PDT Bypass PC Board

Switch Wiring with LED


The AMZ 3PDT pcb is a small (0.9" by 1") circuit board that installs on the base of the common blue 3PDT footswitch. It includes pads for the LED and its associated current limiting resistor. A value of 1k to 10k is suitable for the R1 resistor, depending on the efficiency of the LED. Larger values give lower current, but may be suitable, especially with the blue color LEDs.

The pcb pushed on to the lugs of the switch and will be a very tight fit. It will take some effort to fully seat the board on the switch. The 3pdt board only goes on one way, as shown in the photo above. For clarity, the pcb in the photo has not yet been soldered.

The pcb should be installed with the printed text on the side away from the switch body as shown, though it will still work if installed with the text on the back side.

PCB input is grounded when effect is bypassed.

Ordering info is on the Catalog page.

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