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Shaka 5 Overdrive

The Shaka 5 is essentially the same as the Shaka Braddah III overdrive derived from my original concept that has proven very popular with DIY effects builders. I've planned on cleaning up this design for a long time and finally got around to it. Also I have made the pc board layouts due to the many requests.

I have included the mosfet/Ge clippers that Aron developed for the previous version, however I usually use a 1N914/1N34a pair when building the circuit. The original version had LEDs instead of the mosfet/diodes, which allows slightly more clean headroom when driving the mini-booster.

I have eliminated some of the trimpots that really did not provide a lot of extra versatility, and the "III" version had 2 caps in the feedback loop of IC1 but I think only one is necessary, although an extra set of pads labeled C3a have been included on the pc layout to allow for experimentation. I also deleted the blocking cap between the tone and volume pots since it is not needed. There are other minor changes that you can find if you compare the schematic to the Shaka III.

This circuit can be powered by any clean DC voltage from 9v to 30v. Using higher voltages will give a slightly different sound since the mini-booster will have more clean headroom as the voltage is increased.

The tone control is an area for experimentation that can provide interesting results. The AMZ CD-ROM has an article on how to mod this type of tone network for different response, and you may find one of the alternate versions more pleasing.

The pads labeled A, B, C, and D connect to the pots which are located off the pcb. The trimmer pads are spaced for a typical vertical model as sold by Mouser, Digi-Key and others.

If you print the pc layout at 50% in Paint Shop, it will come out perfectly sized. Otherwise, use the ruler along the top and side to get the printout at the correct magnification.

Thanks to Aron Nelson for his contributions, prototype work and many hours of refinement in the Shaka III. Visit Aron's stompbox web site for much more interesting effects information, including the Shaka Braddah III schematic.

Shaka 5 Schematic

Shaka 5 PC Board Layout

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