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TUTORIAL on how to add a ground plane to a pcb in the Cadsoft Eagle layout editor.    Revised 12 May 2007

TRUE BYPASS - A diagram of the wiring of a dpdt switch for true bypass of the effect, takes it completely out of the circuit so that the sound remains true when the effect is not in use. Also, if you want to have true bypass and an LED indicator both with only a dpdt switch, check out the true bypass with LED drawing that has methods for negative ground (most effects) and positive ground (as used on PNP fuzzfaces and Rangemasters).

Download OSZI, a software-based oscilloscope that works with any Soundblaster compatible soundcard! Great for testing and troubleshooting.    Revised 12 Dec 98

NEW! Download the freeware BIP Electronics Lab Oscilloscope. A little more sophisticated than the Oszi scope, but for the price, get them both!    New 6 Feb 99

Fretboard Care - The facts and fiction about cleaning and treatment of guitar fretboard wood.    New 12 Jan 98

Ferric Chloride etchant information... more than you want to know about the stuff used to eat off the copper coating of PCBs.

AMZ Op-amp Noise Calculator - an online program to calculate the noise from any op-amp. Also includes a table of noise data for various chips

If you are interested in the sound of vacuum tubes vs. transistors, I suggest that you read the excellent article by Eric Barbour that appeared in the August issue of IEEE Spectrum magazine. The Cool Sound of Tubes is now available online. Be sure to read the associated section, "Distortion under test".   New 3 Sep 98

Soldering Basics: tips and techniques on making a good solder joint.

Pinouts of some common transistors and IC chips. Print this out and pin it up by your workbench.

Pinouts of some common optoisolators used in Midi interfaces.

Amplifier simulation techniques and proposals submitted to AMZ. Some interesting ideas.

Band Names - This is a project that I started when I first put my web pages online back in 1995. It's a collection of band names that I created out of my warped imagination. Use any you might like but be sure to send me e-mail if you do... and mention me everytime you're on the Tonight Show.

AX84 Tube Amp - A page of information and pictures of my homebrew AX84 tube amp. A low power class A amplifier with excellent sound!

LED Resistor Calculator - an online calculator to determine the value of the current limiting resistor for use with LED indicators

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