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This is the AMZ Voltage Doubler PC Board. It accepts a 9v dc input and can output negative 9v power as well as a doubled voltage* (18v).

In some of the following circuits on this pcb, not all parts may be used. If a part is not shown on the schematic or in the parts list for one of the circuits, then it is not required for that project and can be left empty on the pcb.

The parts listed in these instructions are specific to the project that is presented for best performance, and though other parts can be substituted, the capabilities of the power supply may be diminished.

The pc board measures 1.0" x 1.9" (25.4mm x 48.3mm) and is sized to fit into the Hammond 1590A aluminum box. The power jacks may be mounted in the ends of the box. Other enclosures and power jacks may be used as desired, and the board may even be mounted inside a pedal to provide higher voltage to the unit. Powering boosters with a higher voltage gives more clean headroom and the AMZ Voltage Doubler works well in this application.

The U1 chip is a driver for a charge pump circuit, where the charge and discharge of the capacitors will convert the applied input voltage to the specified output voltage. The TC962 contains mosfets so it should be handled with care to avoid damage from static discharge. It may be possible to substitute other chips for U1 if the Microchip part is not available.

A prototype pc board is shown in the photograph, and a piece of green insulating foam has been placed inside the box to insulate the circuit board from the metal enclosure.

A link to a web page with detailed instructions for assembly and use is emailed to everyone who purchases the V-Dub pcb.

The board can be configured to make:

  • 9v-to-18v voltage doubler*
  • positive 9v to negative 9v converter
  • or it can do both at once!

*The voltage is doubled but because of the series diodes in the charge pump circuit, it will never quite reach the full 18v output, which is typical of this type circuit. The prototype provided 16.7v at 8.7ma, which is plenty to provide increased headroom for a booster or overdrive pedal.

The voltage doubler can provide up to 100ma of increased voltage to your effects circuit for more clean headroom and a less distorted sound. The -9v converter is designed to power PNP transistor circuits from a standard power supply that does not have a negative output.

NOTICE: While the V-Dub is a simple and easy-to-build project, it could possibly damage pedal components that are not rated to handle the higher voltage. Be sure that any pedal to which it is connected can handle the increased voltage. We are not responsible for any damages you or your pedals may suffer. We do not make implied or written warranties for the circuit that you build using the V-Dub pc board.

The purchaser of the AMZ V-Dub pc board agrees to defend, indemnify, and hold the seller of the V-Dub pc board harmless from any and all demands, liabilities, losses, costs and claims of any nature whatsoever, which may have resulted from the use or misue of the V-Dub product.

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