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Assembled Module

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The Mini-Booster is a dual jfet, high gain amplifier that serves very well as a booster for guitar signals. It is low noise and has a smooth sound that has a tube-like character. Although it is a clean boost, the signal may be mildy distorted (in a pleasant way) if large signals are sent to it, when powered by 9v.

The Mini-Booster

The mini-booster module wiring diagram is shown here. The potentiometer is connected to the 3 holes along the top edge of the pcb while the audio and power connections are along the bottom edge. All pads are labeled for reference.

If you need help with the off-board wiring, I have now added a drawing for basic stompbox wiring.

The mini-booster module has an additional transistor that provides a low impedance output that can drive longer cables, tone controls or following circuits with low impedance. It also isolates the jfets from the output loading, which will give more gain from the booster.

Capacitor C3 is not placed on the board but can be added if required. It is used to increase gain.

The LED output already has a current limiting resistor so all you have to do is run a wire to the LED and then to the footswitch for the bypass indicator.

The potentiometer is not included with the module purchase.

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