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I have created a series of Acrobat pdf files of some of the most popular projects from AMZ. If you do not want to order the AMZ cd-rom just to get one or two projects, the ebook format allows you to order just what you need. AMZ ebooks are sent via email but since they are sent manually it may take up to 24 hours until it arrives.

A Close Look at the Big Muff & Proco Rat - An in-depth look inside the workings of two of the most infuential guitar fuzz designs. Includes complete schematics for both circuits. This is a combination of the original material from the lab notebook as well as some all new material on modifications! Now includes the complete instructions on how to do my Fat Rat mods!- $7.00

Son of Screamer and Fuxxface Projects - Two of the most popular AMZ designs for guitar distortion. This ebook has the complete text from the AMZ cd-rom including schematics, pc layouts and all the graphics. - $7.00

The following Acrobat pdf files are conversions of selected Lab Notebook articles and are FREE for downloading:

Bridged-T Notch tone control. - Notch to Low Pass variable filters for tone control. (pdf)   New 12 Jan 2015

Compression & Limiting in Distortion Boxes - how does the signal get squashed and squeezed in your favorite pedal? (pdf)   New 17 Jul 2003

AMZ Presence Control - An innovative tone control network that adds another dimension to the basic single knob tone control (pdf)   New 4 May 2002

Guitar Pickup Simulation - A simple circuit to shape the frequency response of a signal to imitate the impedance of a guitar pickup output (pdf)   New 11 Apr 2002

TS-9 Fat Mods - Modify your Tube Screamer or clone to have more booty kicking bass response! (pdf)   New 11 Apr 2002

AMZ Double Tone - Improve the tone control filtering with simple mods (pdf)   New 1 Jul 2006

Tone Clipping - A simple and effective method to expand audio signal clipping (pdf)   New 1 Jul 2006

LED Noise - Prevent the LED indicator circuit from causing a "pop" in the audio (pdf)   New 8 Apr 2006

TS-9 Tone Control Mods - expanding the sound of this versatile circuit (pdf)   New 12 Nov 2007

Buffered Bypass for TS Clones - Modify your tube screamer clone for buffered bypass switching   New 30 Apr 2008

Listen to sound samples of some of the AMZ projects: Fat Gnat, Fet Muff, Son of Screamer and Fuzz Face. The Fat Rat samples are on the AMZ Custom Shop page.

AMZ ebooks are sent via email for fast delivery. You can send in your order by using the parts order form or use Paypal. Each ebook is individually serial numbered and checked before being sent.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view these files and versions are available for the PC, Mac and other operating systems.


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