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Dual Booster PC Board


This is a selection of just some of the circuits contained on the AMZ Dual Booster PC Board. The basic idea is to create a single pc board that can be used to make multiple projects, including boosters, overdrives and more.

Booster #1 and Booster #2 are totally independent and you can mix types of boosters from the schematic above. The most obvious use is to put them in series to use the first booster to overdrive the second boost. For example, you could use a bipolar for Booster1 and a mini-booster for booster2, or a mosfet driving a bipolar, or two mini-boosters, and so on. There are numerous possibilites and the above schematic has just a few of the designs that can be used on the pcb.

Also, there are new designs on the support page that is emailed to purchasers of the pcb, which are not available anywhere else.

Finally, the two gain sections can be combined to make a two transistor discrete opamp booster, which will have a non-inverting output (unlike most boosts). This simple opamp-like circuit can also be used to make a distortion with clipping diodes. The possibilities are almost endless!

Order the Dual Boost pcb and select your combination of boosters, then customize them for optimum performance with your gear.

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