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The SOD-1 (Son of OD-1) is a transparent overdrive that is a revised and modified version of the classic Boss OD-1. The discontinued OD-1 was the predecessor of the SD-1 and is widely praised as a transparent overdrive. It is ideal for driving a tube amp into overdrive, and is a solid platform for creating mods to make the circuit perform to your satisfaction.

The basic circuit has an input gain stage that also serves as the clipping stage due to the diodes in the feedback loop. The input buffer of the OD-1 has been deleted since it is not needed unless a buffered bypass is used. Asymmetrical clipping was used in the original and it has been retained, but it is an easy mod to change the circuit to symmetrical clipping for more odd harmonics.

The output of the first opamp section drives the second half of the opamp chip, which is used as an inverting buffer that drives the Volume control followed by the Q1 output buffer.

A single SOD-1 pc board is $12.00 US plus shipping. I prefer Paypal payments.
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A link to a page with modifications and upgrades is mailed to all purchasers of the SOD-1 pcb.

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