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Thanks for viewing my guestbook! It is a place for your quick comments or suggestions about AMZ. If you have questions about a circuit or schematic, you will get a quicker and more thorough response if you post them in the Stompbox Forum instead of here. Thanks again! -JACK
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Sat Oct 18 06:59:08 2003
Don't like to etch?
PCB Milling
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Fri Oct 17 05:17:39 2003
Build it yourself, if you dare!
Roland Space Echo
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Fri Oct 10 20:00:39 2003
Biasing opamps into class A:
Opamp Biasing
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Fri Oct 10 19:59:19 2003
Here's a couple of good heaphone links:

Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Fri Oct 10 04:04:18 2003
Some Univox amp and effects schematics:
The Univox Page
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Thu Oct 9 14:13:19 2003
These forums are a wealth of info:
DiY Audio Forums
Name: RDV     (US)   gr_DOT_vance_AT_verizon_DOT_net
Posted: Tue Oct 7 14:13:19 2003
The Mini-Boo is great, but I like the one I built with a few mods for my purposes. What a versatile circuit it is! I couldn't find a 3.3uF non-polar so I used a .1uF which worked fine. The one x-tra thing I used was the 1K at the drain of the upper J-Fet like in R.G.'s SRPP. Lots of gain!

Good Luck With The B.B.B.(much better than the F.B.) -RDV

Name: Robbie Wallace     (US)   telecaster424_AT_hotmail_DOT_com
Posted: Wed Oct 1 17:17:17 2003
Around 1950 Leo Fender introduced his first production electric guitar, the Telecaster. Over the next 50 years many, many instruments have come and gone. Even attempts to modernize the Telecaster fell by the wayside. To this day many people think the original Telecaster design of the early 50's is THE guitar. One of Fender best selling instruments to this day is the 52 RI Tele which an exact replica of the original Telecasters.

My point: When it's right, it's right! No need to mess with it.

Leo got it right the first time!

The AMZ mini booster in its original layout is a home run! Why mod it or tweak it? All attempts to do so seem to fall short. I have tried various mods and tweaks myself. But it never sounds as good.

Jack, you got it right the first time!

>>Thanks for your kind comments Robbie! -Jack

Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Wed Oct 1 16:41:59 2003
Paia tube powered mic pre-amp mods:
Tape Op article
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Wed Sep 17 14:09:34 2003
Lots of interesting links:
Circuit Encyclopedia
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Mon Sep 8 13:54:32 2003
More schematics:
Big Lol Guitar Preamp
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Mon Sep 8 02:23:14 2003
John Fisher's article on building an output transformer:
Homemade Ouput Tranny
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Wed Sep 3 20:06:41 2003
A dual jfet preamp:
Combo Preamp
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Thu Aug 28 06:30:44 2003
It will never take over from d-i-y effects but interesting anyway:
Vocal Percussion
Name: Russ Hutchison     (USA)   russhutchison_AT_lynks_DOT_com
Posted: Mon Aug 25 15:11:27 2003
Hi Jack, Has anyone out there come up with a pcb layout or ready-to-solder board for the Mosfet booster? Thanks, Russ
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Mon Aug 18 03:45:45 2003
Here's one you want to bookmark:
Electrical Conversions, Formulas & References
Name: Ricky Vance     (USA)   gr_DOT_vance_AT_verizon_DOT_net
Posted: Sun Aug 17 06:42:13 2003
Oops! I should have read more carefully I guess!
[If you want a less heavy sound, decrease C2 to 1uF or even 0.47uF]
I'd still appreciate your thoughts though.
Regards, RDV

>>As you go smaller with the capacitor you get a treble boost effect. A value of 0.1uF can be a good compromise for many uses. -JACK

Name: Ricky Vance     (USA)   gr_DOT_vance_AT_verizon_DOT_net
Posted: Sun Aug 17 06:36:46 2003

I want to build a Mini-Booster but I've had trouble finding C2(3.3uF NP). What I'd like to know is: if I use a smaller(like say: 2.2uF NP) value non-polar cap what effect will that have on the circuit. More treble? Less bass? Both?


Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Sun Aug 17 06:12:37 2003
Another circuit collection, including a compressor, oscillators, and polyphonic piano:
Circuit Schematics
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Sun Aug 17 06:07:54 2003
A collection of circuits including some for audio use:
Circuit Design
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Thu Aug 14 21:00:08 2003
Check this out and then switch to Mozilla:
101 Reasons to Switch from IE6
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Sun Aug 10 11:05:54 2003
A photo tutorial on how to make a stompbox enclosure out of scrap steel...
Fisher's Box Tutorial
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Fri Aug 8 05:17:07 2003
The Dutchforce Electronics Design forum:
Dutchforce BBS
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Wed Aug 6 21:19:57 2003
Want to put a hard, no-chip finish on your latest stompbox creation? Here's a tip... use Future Floor Wax as a final clear overcoat. It is crystal-clear, will self-level to a very smooth finish and is chip-proof! It is very thin (low viscosity) so you have to paint on a couple of layers, but it dries fast. -JACK
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Thu Jul 31 07:45:52 2003
Here's an excellent article on how to make a true bypass footswitch strip. Good work!
DIY True Bypass Strip
Name: Marcos Kazan     (Brazil)   mkzstompbox_AT_hotmail_DOT_com
Posted: Wed Jul 30 09:18:35 2003
Jack, nice "intro" you've got on your site.
you've been watching too much TV...
"AMZ Matrix"! lol
Name: amz-fx     (USA)   amzfx_AT_email_DOT_com
Posted: Fri Jul 25 13:50:38 2003
I would love to have this to engrave stompboxes... too bad it costs $10k
VersaLaser Systems
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Fri Jul 25 12:04:46 2003
okay, this is cool even if its not effects... a coil gun, also called a gauss pistol. Even includes the schematic... I've GOT to build this!
Coil Gun Project
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Wed Jul 23 18:41:40 2003

Pedal Mods

If you buy one of my ebooks, I don't mind if you make the mods on pedals and sell them.
I do mind if you do not give credit for the source of the mods. If you are using my information it is not too much to ask that you say something like:
"Mod information provided by AMZ at"

AMZ Ebooks
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Sun Jul 20 16:17:25 2003
Below is a shot of the tour box contents getting a workout in my studio. The Dino is too compressed sounding for my tastes, I like the Bronto better, but both are nice.

I need to play with the Hot Cake some more to try to get a better sound from it.

I have the Landgraff and Texas Two Step going head-to-head and they are quite similar. I actually prefer the Two Step because of its extra channel - it sounds every bit as good as the more expensive Landgraff (which has a cool paint job!)
Here's a shot of the pedals in my studio...

Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Sat Jul 19 11:57:57 2003
Do you want an anodized finish but don't want to have to mess woth strong acids and dyes? Check out this new anodizing paint! I tried some of this and it is nice paint. You have to finish the box well since the paint is semi-transparent and the box finish shows through. One coat is enough, two is okay and with three it doesn't look like anodizing, so stick with one light coat.
Duplicolor Paint
Name: donald stringer     (usa)   troublerat_AT_aol_DOT_com
Posted: Sat Jul 19 06:05:32 2003
I want to comment on the rolling your own pedals,[what did stevie say ,Moneys tight and nothings free. I dont gig but have a hobby that could get very expensive.For that reason I just had to learn what made fuzz boxes fuzz etc.The cost of pedals being what they are I personally just couldnt plunck down 100.00 mor or less [ I mean it just doesnt exist in my world]. But where theres a will there is a way. Besides I got tired of playing pedals in the music store and getting home and finding out they sound like crap through my stuff.Does your cd have those projects listed in the pictorial write ups ? Hey I played one of those epiphone hollow bodies in a local store and they really sound sweet. Austin guitars also makes areplica of that same guitar that you really couldnt tell a differnce in between the two, and they are making a prs look alike that sounds greats and the workmanship is pretty good qaulity as far as I can see.
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Wed Jul 16 04:19:16 2003
Beatles songs done Metallica style? Hilarious! "Everybody's Got A Ticket to Ride Except Me and My Lightning"...
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Tue Jul 15 22:27:41 2003
Modify the Danelectro Rocky Road Leslie speaker simulator:
Rocky Road mods
Name: Ricky Vance     (U.S.A.)   gr_DOT_vance_AT_verizon_DOT_net
Posted: Tue Jul 15 19:08:46 2003
The guys involved with DIY effects may not seem to be interested in commercial effects, but It's almost a sure bet that the first pedal they held in their hot little hands was NOT homemade. Mine was a sorely missed Shin-E Fuzzwah of indeterminate brand. The reason I got into rolling my own was opening up a freshly purchased Boo-Teek FF clone and finding great work, but a very small parts count. Being $180.00 in the hole for about $30.00 of parts and paint woke up something inside me (at the age of 39) that was long dormant, my interest in electronics. Many feel that the large companies are churning out tuneless garbage. This said, I still feel bad about the lack of respect for the industry as a whole. The guys(who are not big conglomerates) who are trying to do this for a living (giving up the day-gig) should not be hunted down like rabid dogs. They should be saluted and supported. God bless them.


>>Well said, Ricky. There seems to be a lack of interest in the features of commercial pedals (unless you have the schematic!) which is unfortunate since there are things to be learned from how the pedals are put together or how they deal with a specific problem. The boutique guys are in a tough busines competing with companies that make pedals for pennies in offshore factories. -JACK

Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Wed Jul 9 03:32:17 2003
Jessica Rylan... a circuit bending pop performance artist who makes electro noise.
Jessica Rylan
Name: Ricky Vance     (US)   gr_DOT_vance_AT_verizon_DOT_net
Posted: Wed Jul 2 09:32:30 2003
Why don't you want to use a 386 type amp for your mini-booster amp? Sounds like that would be very cool having the option of a switchable 1/2watt amp in a mini-booster! Hell, I'll build one meself!


Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Tue Jul 1 11:52:55 2003
How about a Winamp skin based on the Fender Blackface amp? Find it here...
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Sun Jun 29 14:48:32 2003
I saw a can of paint at Michael's craft store that basically turns any wall into a surface that can hold magnets... i.e. it must be loaded with iron particles do this. The cans was very heavy and I immediately thought of a use for it - use it to paint the inside of non-metallic pedals boxes to allow them to reject some types of induced hum and noise. It's a quick and easy way to improve the performance of those plastic and wooden boxes I've been collecting! One can will go a long way. -JACK
Name: Ted Miller     (USA)   LHartzler_AT_aol_DOT_com
Posted: Fri Jun 27 05:20:02 2003
Hi Jack,
Been a while since I visited the site, it looks great! I've been learning about and building tube amps lately, mostly single ended, class A low wattage stuff. Your j-fet mini booster, Mosfet clean boost, and Fat Gnat are still my favorite boost/distortion pedals. Take care..... Ted Miller

>>Welcome back Ted! The class A amps sound like a lot of fun! -JACK

Name: amz-fx     ()   amzfx_AT_email_DOT_com
Posted: Tue Jun 24 14:09:32 2003
Did you ever etch a board without making a mirror image of it first? It doesn't make much difference to most components but opamps are the big problem. Here's a quick fix. Take a pair of needlenose pliers and carefully bend each leg back 180 degrees so that the top of the chip is underneath. If you look at the logo side the 8 pins are now sticking up in the air. When you flip the chip over and insert it into the mirror image socket, the legs will be in the correct position (logo should be facing down into your socket now). -JACK
Name: Constantin Necrasov     (Canada)   asterius_AT_hotmail_DOT_com
Posted: Mon Jun 23 23:14:50 2003
And yes, since you're looking to start new projects, can you desing a nice simple compressor for us, your humble readers? Flatline and orange squeezer are already refuted.
You had a compressor of your design I remember, however never seen the schem. Is it public? If yes - where can it be seen? Thanx.

>>It will be published but I plan on adding another feature before making it available. It's not quite ready yet. -JACK

Name: Constantin Necrasov     (Canada)   asterius_AT_hotmail_DOT_com
Posted: Mon Jun 23 23:10:37 2003
Jack, I have a question. There are several if not more versions of mini-booster in the internet. Some of them have a 1k - 22mF paraller pair going from the soiurse to ground? some just 1k resistor, some ar connected to ground straight.
What difference does it make? What is the pourpose of the 22mf(or like) capacitor there? Should I ask these questions at the stompbox forum? (smile) Thanx

>>The source to ground resistor sets gain; source directly to ground is max gain but most distortion. Bypassing the source resistor with a cap is next and resistor with no cap is the least gain. This is explained in more detail on the AMZ-CD. -JACK

Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Sat Jun 21 01:14:30 2003
Back from vacation and looking to start some new projects. -Jack
Name: Constantin Necrasov     (Canada)   asterius_AT_hotmail_DOT_com
Posted: Thu Jun 19 20:29:45 2003
my grandma went like that.

>>Thanks for you message, Constantin. It is a pity to see a person suffer for a long time like that. -Jack

Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Sat Jun 14 19:45:52 2003
Vacation got delayed due to the death of the mother of a close family friend from cancer. Not a nice way to go.

I'll be on vacation next week so no replies to email or forum postings for a while. -JACK

Name: Damien     ()  
Posted: Thu Jun 12 03:07:30 2003
Hey, and is it possible to have a LCD screen displaying what is selected etc?

Name: Damien     (Australia)  
Posted: Thu Jun 5 03:15:03 2003

Hey Jack... here's a question.

How hard is it to build a multi effects unit? Not with all the bells and whistles though. And i'm also thinking of rack mount units. Doesnt have to be one with the options to mix effects aka delay with distortion but that would nice. Just have a simple LCD screen showing what effect is selected. Perhaps PIC chips or something.... -Damien

>>You can put multiple effects in a single enclosure with little problem. PIC chips could be used to route the FX but you'd have to develop special software to do the job since I don't recall seeing a switcher project online. -JACK

Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Tue May 20 09:32:09 2003
This looks like it could be a useful tool:
USBee interface
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Tue Apr 29 00:28:29 2003
Do you measure the values of the potentiometers that you are using? Not only does it prevent errors but I have found that many pots actually measure less than the rated value. This isn't too critical with a 1M volume pot but for the 1k Drive control on a fuzzface clone it can be critical... it will change the bias point of the transistors. Insert a fixed value resistor in series with the drive pot to bring the total resistance up to the 1k nominal value and restore the proper bias. -JACK
Name: amzfx     ()  
Posted: Fri Apr 18 19:09:35 2003
Condenser microphone amplifiers from NatSemi:
Microphone amps
Posted: Mon Apr 14 16:24:59 2003
Hi Jack, helo people.

Well, I'm building an effects DiY site in portugese (now we can share information with brazilian DiYers who doesn't understand english) and I'd like you to take a look.

Marcos Kazan
MKZ Stomp Box
Name: amzfx     (USA)  
Posted: Mon Apr 14 02:23:22 2003
It looks like I lost a few messages in the transfer to the new web host but most of them had been saved recently. Thanks for visiting, and I hope to have all the minor problems fixed very soon. -JACK
Name: Coco     (France)   preauchristian_AT_wanadoo_DOT_fr
Posted: Tue Mar 18 06:36:55 2003
I reacherch one self of 500mH for make a Wha-Wha effect. I dont know where find one. I'm french and I'm desesperatly!
Can you find for me this one? Thanks - Coco
>>I suggest that you try Small Bear Electronics since they will ship overseas, have good prices and the item in stock. regards, Jack
Name: Rodrigo     (Brasil)   pharker_AT_ig_DOT_com_DOT_br_AT_
Posted: Fri Mar 14 12:46:23 2003
Gostaria de informaçoes sobre pedaleiras para contra baixo
e pedais de efeito. ë melhor uma pedaleira ou um monte de pedais? por favor tirem essa dúvida
Conheçem a pedaleira zoom 3000B E A ZOOM 708II VC PODEM ME DAR INFORMAÇOES DELAS? oBRIGADO
>>Go to the Stompbox Forum and ask your question as I believe there are a couple of people there that understand Portugese... regards, Jack
Name: Constantin Necrasov     (Canada)   asterius_AT_hotmail_DOT_com
Posted: Mon Feb 24 01:24:42 2003
This is a building report on the MosFET booster. It is very easy, to say the least. I've used a 100K multiturn trim resistor for R2, makes it easier. I sold my MXR microamp two days after finishing the MosFET booster. That is how good it sounds. Recommended to all.
>>Thanks for the report! That's high praise since the Microamp is well regarded as a booster. regards, Jack
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Sat Feb 22 07:49:27 2003
Antique Electronics is having a big sale... good deals on reverb tanks, colth covered wires, tubes, and even a distortion pedal kit on the last page of the specials:
Antique Electronics
Name: amzfx     ()  
Posted: Thu Feb 20 09:10:08 2003
The March 2003 issue of Elektor Eletronics has an article on how to build an effects switching system:
Elektor Electronics
Name: Constantin Necrasov     ()   asterius_AT_hotmail_DOT_com
Posted: Tue Feb 18 21:34:20 2003
Thanx a lot. I said it @ ampage and I say it here. Anderton's gismo works now! All because of your help.Thanx.
Visit my Page
Name: amz-fx     (USA)   amzfx_AT_email_DOT_com
Posted: Sat Feb 15 15:31:32 2003
Constantin, I just posted the revised Wah-Antiwah schematic. Maybe it will help you out.

regards, Jack

Anderton Wah-Antiwah
Name: amz-fx     (USA)  
Posted: Wed Feb 12 21:02:32 2003
I've started a web log so that I can post items that I want to comment on... check it out:
AMZ Web Log
Name: Constantin Necrasov     (Canada)   asterius_AT_hotmail_DOT_com
Posted: Tue Feb 11 23:05:49 2003
Hi, everybody!!!
Hi, Doctor Nick!
My question is about the Anderton Wah-Antiwah Schematic.
This one
What is the op amp there? I tried TL072, and the potentiometer worked as a volume control without any change to the Q. All the connections look alright, little chance to mistake in such a simple circuit. Maybe it's the mysterious BIPOLAR power supply? Or any specific chip?
Has anyone tried it? Did it work?
Write to me, cuz I want to build that one. Need help, yours truly.

>>A TL072 will work in this circuit. It takes 2 batteries to power it (bipolar). I will revise the drawing to show the connections better. -JACK

Name: amzfx     ()  
Posted: Tue Feb 11 11:06:01 2003
This guy has some wild (but cool looking) projects!
Atomic Sonic
Name: Jeff     (usa)   jgracik_AT_hotmail_DOT_com
Posted: Sat Feb 8 13:34:14 2003
Thanks for the previous help. I have a couple more questions. What are some low leakage diodes and how does one differentiate them from high leakage ones? Also, how do you hook up an ac adapter jack to the pcb and what are the 3 posts on the jack, positive, negative and ground?
Name: Jeff     (usa)   jgracik_AT_hotmail_DOT_com
Posted: Tue Feb 4 19:52:37 2003
I just built a Ross Compressor using Francisco Pena's PCB layout, but wanted to add RG Keen's Millennium 2 bypass board or add an LED using some other method. Is there any way to do this? How do I hook it up?
thanks, Jeff

>>There are instructions on hooking it up on Geofex at The output volume knob of the Compressor is what connects to the "switch" line on the bypass board. The +9v on the Mil board connects to the +9 on the pcb - just solder them together - and the ground connects to a ground lug on either the in or out jack. -Jack

Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Thu Jan 30 15:33:16 2003
The band names page has been updated:
AMZ Band Names
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Fri Jan 24 14:48:57 2003
DIY builders are often interested in ideas and tweaks for circuits other than just effects pedals... do yourself a favor and check out this site full of useful info! -JACK
Audio Asylum
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Thu Jan 23 22:15:02 2003
TheBigMan posted these readings:

Dunlop GCB-95 = 20mA
Boss NS-2 = 20mA
Boss CT-6 tuner = 16mA
Boss GE-7 = 10mA
Boss CE-5 = 18mA
Boss CS-3 = 10mA
Ibanez TS-5 = 10mA
Korg GT-3 tuner = 10mA
Name: amzfx     ()  
Posted: Thu Jan 23 11:41:14 2003
ickystay contributed:
Roland AF-100=1ma
Univox Superfuzz (gray)=1.7ma
Jax Fuzz Wah=2.5ma
Ace Tone FM-2=1.3ma
Jordon Compressor=8.9ma
Dano PB&J Delay=35.2ma
Name: amz-fx     (USA)  
Posted: Wed Jan 22 20:57:03 2003
From the thread on the difference between ACA & PSA:

Ice Box 22mA
GE-7 8mA
FX96 18mA
TS9 7mA
CP10 5mA
TU-2 25mA
Name: amz-fx     (USA)  
Posted: Wed Jan 22 05:07:25 2003
Here's a collection of current draw measurements that were posted by members in the Harmony-Central forum:

"crazybilly" posted:
1. TU-2: off--6 mA, on-10 at rest, 35 while tuning
2. Boss GE7: off 6.3, on 6.6
3. 3ms Tremulus Lune: off--cycles from 12.5 to 13.5, on--cycles from 13.5 to 14.5
4. George Dennis wah/volume switch--4.3 mA on OR off
5. Ibanez cp10: off--4 mA, on--5 mA
6. Vintage boss sd-1: off--3.2 mA, on 3.8 mA
7. Pearl Ad-08 analog delay: off--11.5, on--14
8. Dano eq: off--17!!! on--19.5 (I about fell over)
9. Dano daddy-o: off--5 mA, on 6 mA

"socialmanipulation" posted:
Effector 13 Krackle Fuzz - .001 mA (so low it didn't register!)
Effector 13 Alpha Fuzz - .01 mA
Dunlop GCB95 Crybaby - 1mA
Big Muff PI (old sovtek) - 4mA
Boss FZ3 Fuzz - 4mA
Ibanez TS9DX Turbo Tube Screamer - 7mA
Boss CS3 Compressor - 10mA
Boss TU2 Tuner - 10mA
Danelectro Fabtone - 10mA
Danelectro Tuna Melt Tremolo - 10mA
Zoom UF01 Ultra Fuzz - 20mA
Boss CE5 Chorus Ensemble - 20mA
Ibanez Tonelok PH7 Phaser - 20mA
Digitech PDS 20/20 delay/chorus - 45mA
Ibanez Tonelok DE7 Delay/Echo - 45mA
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Sat Jan 18 22:51:36 2003
Check out the Pedalworx site. I tested one of the texas Two-Step pedals and it is the best ts-type design I've ever tried - excellent!

regards, Jack
Name: amz-fx     (USA)  
Posted: Sat Jan 18 07:17:35 2003
This site has some useful info, calculators and some schematics. It's a little hard to navigate but worth the effort. -JACK
Opamp Labs
Name: Demelza     (Europe)   twisty_AT_aol_DOT_com
Posted: Sat Jan 11 17:46:29 2003
Hi Folks,

I have just got a great rackmount analog phaser effect from the guys at Gargantuan Sound. I have also got their ring mod which is insane! The actual manufacturer is Vermona in Germany but these guys are selling them in UK.
Gargantuan Sound
Name: donald stringer     (usa)   troublerat_AT_aol_DOT_com
Posted: Sun Dec 29 09:53:53 2002
I have an ibanez ph-10 bi- mode phasor, thought I had it fixed [ bad speed pot] so I desoldered the old pot and hooked up a radio shack 100k pot w/alligator clips and it worked for a while. Very smooth sound and this one is worth saving. This one is over my head and I was wondering if you did repairs. If you did, and I bagged up the parts could you repair it, at your convenience of course. This isnt a rush job and you could e-mail me your price list.... by the way I saw your diamond plate box... very nice. I work in a sheet metal [17 years] and I have built several sloping front enclosures into which I am planning to put a smash drive/freq.booster/ buffer/ blender... with the way I build myboards I am forced to build my enclosures, at your convience of course. have a Happy New Year
>>I don't do any repairs since I have so little time to devote to working on electronics. There are several people online who do repairs if you search around. -JACK
Name: Damien     (Australia)   zapmagic_AT_hotmail_DOT_com
Posted: Sun Dec 29 03:47:43 2002
Is it true? The Jack man hath turned 50! I logged on earlier today and saw the write up.

Happy 5-0! I hope you got spoiled...

Name: Damien     (Australia)   zapmagic_AT_hotmail_DOT_com
Posted: Thu Dec 26 23:42:51 2002
Hey jack,

I recently used a 4 channel Noise Gate to record my drummer. The concept was so simple. Range, Threshold, Decay.

I searched the net and the only semi easy one i found was

But it could do with improving. I want to make a 4 channel one, thatseasy just make four single channel ones and dump it all in a 1U rack case.

Any suggestions? Every though of adding a Gate to your list of cooking ideas?

Name: Ron     (HONG KONG)   greatronlee_AT_mail_DOT_com
Posted: Sat Dec 14 08:16:47 2002
the information of your website is very useful,
now i am trying to make a effector for myself,it is my first time~
Name: Leif Erickson     (USA)   pcboards_AT_onemain_DOT_com
Posted: Thu Dec 12 01:39:30 2002
I have just the protoboard for you guys at the link below. Put SMD chips and other parts onto the best SMD protoboard. Some are on ebay now and at the website. I am going to have another design with DIP pads and a larger SMD area ready by the end of December, for all you budding electronics prototypers. See the site and sign in at the guestbook.
Proto-Chip THE BEST SMD Protoboards
Name: Leandro     (Argentina)   leandrocassi_AT_hotmail_DOT_com
Posted: Mon Dec 9 23:32:45 2002
Hi Jack, I´ve built some of your stuff in the past and it worked great!!I´m wondering if you have some schems of a midi foot controller or if you know where i can get them. Did you think is a hard project to pull it out? thanks for your time...

>>I don't have a midi controller schematic but there are several on the net. The problem is that if it uses a PIC micro then you have to build a programmer for that as well. Check Google and you should turn up a few sample projects. -JACK

Name: Rod     (USA)  
Posted: Wed Nov 27 14:13:12 2002
Hi Jack, is there the possibility of downloading the AMZ CD-rom when I purchase it? It would be faster than snail mail. TIA, Rod.

>>Unfortunately, the cd-rom files are too big to fit on my web space and would take too long to download. -JACK

Name: amz-fx     (USA)  
Posted: Tue Nov 19 17:01:28 2002
$695.00 for a cable less than 20" long? Whew! Anaconda Interconnect ...and the 2.5m length Anaconda is $1899.00! That's more expensive than the most costly Dr. Z handmade amp! Those audiophile guys will buy anything... next thing you know they'll claim that wire is directional and put arrows on it.
Name: amz-fx     (USA)  
Posted: Wed Nov 13 08:33:31 2002
Lots of pedal makers are producing clones of vintage devices. I thought it might be interesting to note some of the ones that I've seen mentioned recently:

Way Huge Saffron Squeeze = DynaComp
Way Huge Red Llama = Anderton Tube Sound Fuzz

MJM custom pedals:
FUZZFACE= "London Fuzz"
TS808 TUBESCREAMER= "Blue Devil"
BIG MUFF= "Foxey Fuzz"
VOX WHA= "Ulysses Wha"
TONEBENDER= "Brit-Bender"
UNIVIBE= "Sixties Vibe"
SUPER FUZZ (?)= "China Fuzz"
Name:     ()  
Posted: Tue Nov 12 17:55:43 2002
Name: Keith Howell     (South Africa)   khowell_AT_tellumat_DOT_com
Posted: Tue Nov 12 06:18:01 2002
Hi Jack
I am currently building your Mini-Tubes preamp from R.G.Keens PC-board layout. Is there any chance you could put the schematic back on your site as he has only posted the board layout for the MiniTubes 1 & 2

>>The Mini-Tubes schematic and the full information is available on the AMZ CDROM. I do not have a copy of the pcb layout and am not familiar with it. regards, JACK

Name: Joel     ()   purkissj_AT_umich_DOT_edu
Posted: Wed Nov 6 20:08:05 2002
Hi again Jack,

Thanks for replying re: the positive- to negative-ground conversion. I tried several more things, and still can't get it working right. I've posted a quesiton over at Aron's forum.
Thanks again for your effort, and for everything you do for the DIY community,
p.s. Here's a link to the MkIII if you are interested. It is an interesting fuzz with lots of tonal range. Not subtle, but useful nonetheless.

>>Update: I prepared a revised version of the schematic for Joel and he got the project working properly using the PNP-NPN conversion instructions! regards, Jack

Name: donald stringer     (usa)   troublerat_AT_aol_DOT_com
Posted: Tue Nov 5 20:23:12 2002
I was wondering if you could help, when you have the time. I came across a schematic, I think it was on aron site but its the dr. strangefuzz university exp. dist.[diodes used to create differing harmonic dist. characteristics. As in your Pro overdrive that I built[great pedal] the clipping diodes were biased with + - .5 volts, the text said that would clip the top of the wave and there was included a pot between diodes and ground to limit the amount of current they would pass,also where the signal came in and exited there were a 1 uf cap to isolate the voltage to the diodes.Is there a better way to achieve identical results. Read your posts and build your pedals as my time permits and plan on ordering your cd soon.

>>Check out the AMZ Lab Notebook page where there is an article on a Saturation control that should do the job. -Jack

Name: Joel     (US)   purkissj_AT_umich_DOT_edu
Posted: Tue Nov 5 14:08:59 2002
Hi Jack,

A few questions when and if you get a chance:

First, do you know if the stock coupling electrolytics in the "classic" Rat (like the one in your schematics section) are tantalum or aluminum? Some combination of both? I've never looked at the board of an original.

Second, I tried your PNP to NPN power supply mod on a breadboarded version of the Tonebender Mark III (aka the "three knob version" with the diode between base and emitter on Q3). I had this all-germ PNP circuit working fine with a positive-ground supply, but the mod didn't work at all. I don't know enough about electronics to know in advance if the mod simply won't work on this design. Any ideas about how I could get a negative-ground supply powering this thing?

Thanks for any help--your site is an amazing resource.

>>I do not currently have a Rat for reference but I expect that the large caps are aluminum electrolytics. From the design of the circuit, the only place that you might get some benefit from a tant would be in the cap to ground before the tone control, or in the tone control itself.

I haven't looked at the TB3 circuit but a critical aspect of making the negative ground supply work is to have all parts of the circuit that are not ac-coupled connected to the proper supply rail. I'm sure it can be made to work on the pedal (it will work on almost any PNP design). Everything before the input cap, and after the output caps of the tone control are connected to ground as drawn. All of the circuit between the coupling caps has to be referenced to the battery connections and then connect the negative side of the circuit board to ground to make it work. -JACK

Name: javier santana     (spain)   jcasiano_AT_terra_DOT_es
Posted: Sun Nov 3 11:38:36 2002
Hi Jack
Thanks for your help and for your great site, full of projects, ideas, an solidarity.
Name: amzfx     (USA)  
Posted: Thu Oct 31 14:11:24 2002
Grapelight: a GR-33 patch editor
Grapelight info
Posted: Sun Oct 27 17:57:15 2002


>>That's a large subject to cover. Try asking your question in the Ampage Pickup Forum and I'm sure you will get lots of help. -JACK

Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Thu Oct 24 12:24:32 2002
Unfortunately there are no schematics on this site, but if you are looking for a manual for your DOD effects check this out:
DOD Manuals
Name: amz-fx     (USA)  
Posted: Thu Oct 24 11:25:26 2002
Everything you wanted to know about LEDs and a whole lot more... anybody want a pink one?
LED Museum
Name: amz-fx     (USA)  
Posted: Wed Oct 23 09:46:45 2002
The synth guys are WAY ahead of the effects builders in packaging... look at this homemade synth module. He could not find a reverse taper pot so he installed a gear to turn the control backwards! Wow!
Name: AMZ-FX     (USA)  
Posted: Wed Oct 23 09:18:05 2002
This page has some good info on making an LED/photocell module that can be used in a Univibe or other phaser project.
Hairball Circuit Bending
Name: amzfx     ()  
Posted: Thu Oct 17 14:23:57 2002
Two unbuffered cmos inverters in a 6 pin package? This looks like it might be useful for some audio apps where you do not need 6 inverters or do want matched cmosfets:

Fairchild Part # NC7WZU04
Name: amzfx     ()  
Posted: Thu Oct 17 14:07:30 2002
Opamp phase reversal? It can cause latch-up, which is part of what makes certain opamps sound bad when driven hard. (There is more about latch-up on the AMZ CD)

It also could explain why the 4558 sounds better in fuzz circuits than some of the more modern chips. Here is a brief page of info on the subject:
Opamp Phase Reversal
Name: amzfx     ()  
Posted: Thu Oct 17 12:06:42 2002
Interested in noise? These guys are all about it:
Name: amzfx     ()  
Posted: Thu Oct 17 12:03:47 2002
Looking for a random oscillator?
Chua's Circuit
Name: amzfx     (USA)   amzfx_AT_email_DOT_com
Posted: Tue Oct 8 16:44:04 2002
A 350v opamp?! This would be great for use in hybrid tube amp circuits:
Apex Microtech Opamps
Name: me     (usa)   mosca8_AT_aol_DOT_com
Posted: Mon Oct 7 17:16:26 2002
has anyone built the ean tremolo here? im a beginner with a question bout one of the transisters.

>>Try asking your question on the Stompbox Forum and you will get lots of help with your project:

Name: amzfx     (USA)  
Posted: Sun Sep 29 22:39:49 2002
When I have nothing more to do, I add more band names...
AMZ Band Names Page
Name: Damien     (Australia)   zapmagic_AT_hotmail_DOT_com
Posted: Sun Sep 29 19:54:43 2002
Thanks Jack,

I was browsing your links and ended up at the PAiA website. He has a 6 head phone out, 2 line in box. I got the schematic. very easy, simple op amp theory really. ;) So i am going to Dick Smiths (aussie radio shack) and instead of using a TL702 (dual op amp) i will use a TL704, which is a quad op amp. will reduce components and space. ;)
Name: Damien     (Australia)   zapmagic_AT_hotmail_DOT_com
Posted: Sat Sep 28 05:49:53 2002
Hey Jack,

Damien here. Got a question. My band is looking to record in Jan, and we have all the equipment etc etc but the guitarist wants to do just drums but still be able to play along with my drummer.

He asked me if i could make him a box whereby he can run a cable from his headphone out/ line out on his amp and then be able to have two sets of head phones come out the box.

I have a way to do the two headphone thing but it involves another mixer and i dont want to bring more equipment. Just a littlebox with 3 jacks on it would suffice. Any suggestions?

>>You can make a simple box using several 5532 opamps to drive headphones, or even the LM386 power amp chip. Just parallel the inputs, which will connect to the line out of the amp. There are numerous schematics on the net of headphone drivers that are suitable. Look at     -Jack

Dephiler Homepage.
Name: Ted Miller     (USA)   LHartzler_AT_aol_DOT_com
Posted: Mon Sep 9 18:55:00 2002
Hi Jack,

I built a J-Fet buffer from your notes a while back. I've used it in a few different applications and it has been very effective. When I used it in between my guitar and amp it seems to add some extra definition to the notes without any harshness. I put an effects loop in a Valco 6150 clone that I made and put it in between the effects send and my reverb unit. In that application it tamed the preamped signal a bit before going to the reverb and seemed to smooth out the sound. I've also used it between effects units and PA for direct line use. It is a very useful little device. Is it just the impedence matching that it does that makes my guitar sound better? I'm considering using one on the front end of a tube amp design, as well as put one in my guitar.

I've also recently modded one of my muffer preamps from your projects page. I used the basic muffer design minus the diodes and cap. that cause it to distort. I bought a six position rotary switch from Radio Shack and put six different values of caps on it for the input cap. I used .01,.02,.047,.068, .1, and 1 uf.. This makes it a very versatile clean preamp. With six different choices for the input cap. it is very useful for matching my guitar to different amps. If the amp seems a little muddy sounding I just turn the rotary switch till my signal has the needed pop to match that amp. I might do something similar to my J-Fet mini-booster too.

Thanks for the good designs and useful effects building blocks.

Best Regards,

Ted Miller
Name: Phil     (USA)  
Posted: Sun Sep 8 11:11:17 2002
How do I figure out what resistance to use in the circuit going to an LED. I see that most LED's run at about 2v, power supply is 9v. I've not seen any specs on how much current an LED will pass, and without that I don't know what resistance I need to get the 7v drop that is required. Thanks

>>First you decide how much current your LED needs. Typical values are 10ma. or 20ma. The forward voltage drop of an LED is about 1.8v, so if you are powering the LED from a 9v battery, the resistor is calculted as follows for a 10ma. drive:

R=(9v - 1.8v)/.010 Amps, or 7.2/.01 = 720 ohms


Name: amzfx     (USA)  
Posted: Thu Aug 29 23:14:04 2002
In a moment of senility I decided to add some entries to the band name page. Check it out:
AMZ Band Names
Name: Umar     (Indonesia)   littleshortgun_AT_yahoo_DOT_com
Posted: Tue Aug 27 22:43:26 2002
Good site,I added it to my fav. It'll be better if the schematic diagrams are easier to read ( sometimes, I can't read the component's spec)
Thanx, very much
Name: amzfx     (USA)   amzfx_AT_email_DOT_com
Posted: Tue Aug 13 14:20:32 2002
Try this new search engine - enter the words GUITAR EFFECTS SCHEMATICS and you'll get a bunch of sites!
Gigablast Search
Name: jon     ()   entropypirate_AT_hotmail_DOT_com
Posted: Wed Aug 7 00:33:19 2002
does anyone know where i can get the scematic for the dunlop q-zone pedal?
Or maybe a clone to build?
Name: amzfx     (USA)   amzfx_AT_email_DOT_com
Posted: Tue Jul 9 15:03:06 2002
Did you know that Z-Vex had his own forum?
Z-Vex Message Board
Name: hubb     ()   hubb_992prodigy_DOT_net
Posted: Sun Jul 28 23:54:32 2002
what kind of voltage should i get for poly caps? what about elctrolytic? ceramic?

>>I recommend that you always use at least 50v caps in effects projects. -JACK

Name: Damien     (Australia)   zapmagic_AT_hotmail_DOT_com
Posted: Sun Jul 28 00:47:23 2002
My guitarist asked me if i could build him a stomp box that was like a volume boost. Same principle as a volume pedal except without the pedal. Any links? suggesitons. I was thinkign of just makign a simple amplifer circuit out of say a BC548 or BD139. -Damien

>>Look at the Muffer on my projects page. -JACK

Name: Doug Harrison     ()   dougx41_AT_hotmail_DOT_com
Posted: Sat Jul 27 11:42:23 2002
Hi Jack. I finally built the Q&D 2, the chip for which I bought from you about two or three years ago. I like this pedal, too, although I still haven't played it enough to know if I need to tweak that averaging cap or not. And the gate pot is a 1M linear. I might try playing with the taper of it, just to hear what it would sound like. Anyway, thanks for those chips. I thought you might like to know that they finally got put to good use. ---Doug

>>Thanks for the report Doug! -JACK

Name: doug harrison     ()   dougx41_AT_hotmail_DOT_com
Posted: Wed Jun 26 11:42:42 2002
Breadboarded FAT GNAT. Nice pedal.

>>Thanks! I hope you enjoy it!

Name: Jack     (USA)   amzfx_AT_email_DOT_com
Posted: Sat Jun 22 09:53:06 2002
If you are not aware, Aron's forum has moved to:
Aron's Stompbox Forum
Name: donald c. stringer     (U. S.A.)   troublerat_AT_aol_DOT_com
Posted: Tue Jun 4 20:36:39 2002
This is just an update on the muffer project. I had very bad radio interference, but I placed a .015 ceramic cap from input to ground. That silenced Great Britain,east germany, and fort wayne ind. and also added your presence tone control on the end. Its a great clean booster and the first pedal in my chain after the dyna comp.......built your fuzz face [np]silicon version using transistors from radio shack mps2222 for q1 and 3904 for q2, sounds great I am not going crazy trying to find the right germ. trans....I wouldn't be able to tell the diff. anyway.... One more interesting side note, in the socket for q2 I dropped in an op amp just to see what would happen, and it worked just fine after adjusting the trim pot, Why it worked I don't have the foggiest but I put a diode from 1 to 2 in op amp and instant a matter of fact that circuit is a perfect bias for an 741, tlo82, a 386 etc. Its not tubescreamer and its not a fuzz. I will keep you update as to what sounds I come up with.

>>Thanks for the report! On the fuzzface I think if you put an mps2222 in for Q2, the tone will improve somewhat especially if you can pick one with lower gain. -JACK

Name: Donald C. Stringer     (usa)   troublerat_AT_aol_DOT_com
Posted: Tue May 28 08:59:03 2002
Just built your muffer and it worked the first time out. Thanks for supplying the inf.needed for people like me {G. A. S.} that are in search for the perfect tone and cannot or refuse to buy one more stompbox, I already have a lot of them and thereperf. doesnt even measure up to my home built projects. One intersting sidenote on the muffer. I put it in front of my modeling amp and noticed it was overdriving my blackface model{ maybe that theoreticaly impossible but] at least that is the effect its having, it will not o d my clean amp. [which is a roland jazz chorus copy, sort of] I tried the diodes but instead I chose to use it as my first vol. booster......
Name: amzfx     (USA)  
Posted: Fri May 17 18:49:14 2002
I just was listening to the sound samples of Mike Both's Infinitphase and it is one cool box. I swear the phaser-fx was playing a riff by itself on one of the clips! :)

It even gave me an idea for a new fx to build.

regards, Jack
Name: amzfx     (USA)  
Posted: Mon May 6 09:52:00 2002
There is a new article in the Lab Notebook on how to add a presence control to your stompbox designs. Enjoy!
AMZ Lab Notebook
Name: Tobias Karlsson     (Sweden)   karlssonet_AT_hotmail_DOT_com
Posted: Fri Apr 26 17:35:12 2002
Hi Jack,

I saw your “Pickup Simulation” and got interested. It’s lloks like a realy clever idea and I think it could be useful for me in many situations.

I don’t have the 42TM019 but I do have a lot of another small transformers.

I’m looking for a transformer that the coil is about 600ohm, right (a little bit stupid question as you wrote that in your article)? How much ca that be more or less resistance?

My own guessing is that I look for a transformer that is about 4-6H as in a guitar pickup, am I right?

Could this be something like a humbuckers simulator (from your single coil)? Maybe with a slight boost in front of it?

That would be cool!!
Put in your strat and flip a switch and suddenly you got a humbuckers sound!! Without having to put in humbuckers with some kind of split (I don’t like them).

Best Regards and thanks for the Lab Book, it’s been missed!

Tobias Karlsson in Sweden
Name: amzfx     (USA)  
Posted: Fri Apr 26 12:12:25 2002
Fender is to be commended for making their schematics available for reference. There is much to be learned from these, especially the solidstate designs:
Current Fender Schematics
Name: Viktor     (Ukraine)   boris_DOT_free_AT_mail_DOT_ru
Posted: Fri Apr 26 02:31:43 2002
Hi! I want to build the "Phase90,180" guitar effect from R.G.Keen's schematics. Please, who can tell me about diodes on this schematic diagram? Can I use the TL072 or TL082 opamp there? And one more question: what transistors can I use instead of 2N5952 there? Thanks...
Name: Chris     (Taiwan)   tempinbox_AT_yahoo_DOT_com
Posted: Wed Apr 24 04:47:40 2002

I live in Taiwan and need a schematic for an old 70's EH Poly Chorus. The EH man has one but I cannot organise the cost side of it from here - can anyone else help out with a schem for this old warbler?

Cheers, Chris
Name: amzfx     (USA)  
Posted: Sat Apr 20 21:44:32 2002
Buy or sell stompboxes at Aron's Classified page:
Stompbox Classifieds
Name: amzfx     (USA)  
Posted: Wed Apr 17 13:24:00 2002
Lots of useful links to stompbox info:
Aron's Stompbox Links
Name: phillip     (USA)   axl_000_AT_yahoo_DOT_com
Posted: Sat Apr 13 15:45:20 2002
Jack, thanks for all the work you do in the DIY effects community, your tips have helped me many times!
Fuzz Central
Name: amzfx     (USA)  
Posted: Tue Apr 9 07:45:46 2002
Check out the online info at:
Name: Vic Phillips     (Australia)   PVicmaster_AT_aol_DOT_com_DOT_au
Posted: Tue Apr 9 07:25:14 2002
Tell me more about your CD, how much? and what it got
Name: amzfx     (USA)  
Posted: Sun Mar 31 19:04:31 2002
Interested in Clean Boost? Check out this page:
MP3 Guitar Shop
Name: tom pollock     (the outer space)   tom_AT_troubledvariance_DOT_com
Posted: Sun Mar 31 07:53:32 2002
hey jack, i just wanted to hi and the say the lab notebook is very cool. it's a great tool . thanx for all your sharing over the years.
best wishes,
- tom pollock
Name: amzfx     (USA)  
Posted: Fri Mar 29 19:17:40 2002
Note that the Proco Rat schematic that features the input fet buffer that is seen around the Internet on some sites is probably wrong. Pins 2 and 3 of the opamp are reversed. I corrected it long ago, and the copy on AMZ is correct, but many of the ones that I see posted elsewhere are the old version. Get the updated version here if you want to try it out. Pin 3 is the signal input.

regards, Jack
AMZ Schematics
Name: egor     (russia)   egrilo_AT_mail2000_DOT_ru
Posted: Fri Mar 29 14:48:29 2002
Thank you for Schematics & information!!!!!
Name: Chad     (us)   Clim_8_AT_hotmail_DOT_com
Posted: Fri Mar 29 08:11:48 2002
I am interested in obtaining a schematic for the Ap.7 Jet phaser from roland
any help appreciated...
Name: Jack     (USA)  
Posted: Thu Mar 28 05:29:48 2002
If you are into home recording, Recording Engineer's Quarterly is a must read:
Recording Engineer's Quarterly
Name: Damien     ()  
Posted: Thu Mar 28 04:07:19 2002

Hey i found a interesting little gadget.. handy for someone like me who doesn't own a signal generator. go to and download their tone generator. only like 100kb. Also does white noise.

Name: Damien     ()   zapmagic_AT_hotmail_DOT_com
Posted: Thu Mar 28 03:56:28 2002
Hey Jack,

No more forum huh? bummer. Well anywho looks nice.

I was wondering, what was that link you sent me for the Audio Probe? I want to send it to a mate, but typical me... didn't bookmark it. :p

Name: Jack     (USA)   amzfx_AT_email_DOT_com
Posted: Mon Mar 25 07:45:45 2002
Before I forget... if you have received the AMZ Newsletter, do not respond to the email address used to mail it out. The address is only a dummy and is not checked (to block spam).

If you did not receive the AMZ Newsletter, sign up on the mailing list on the AMZ Main page.

regards, Jack

AMZ Lab Notebook
Name: amzfx     ()  
Posted: Tue Mar 19 17:01:58 2002
Nice page of homebrew pedals! Check it out:
HomeBrew Tweaks
Name: Jack     ()  
Posted: Tue Mar 19 04:31:49 2002
Nice looking dpdt switch:
DPDT switch


Name: Tim Shortnacy     (USA)   deathbyfairydust_AT_hotmail_DOT_com
Posted: Mon Mar 18 23:34:21 2002
All those effects you dream about, and then some.
The Guitar Pedal Archive
Name: Jack     (USA)   amzfx_AT_email_DoT_com
Posted: Mon Mar 18 04:31:11 2002
What's a Kelvin clip? It is an alligator clip that has each of the jaws electrically isolated and each has a wire coming out of it that can connect to a test meter or circut pads, etc. How did I ever get along without this great test clip?

Hosfelt has them:

Name: Jack Orman     (USA)  
Posted: Mon Mar 18 04:14:26 2002
Here's a page to bookmark... all kinds of wild surplus items that can find use in your projects
Name: WGThickPresence     (USA)   WGPresence_AT_aol_DoT_com
Posted: Sun Mar 17 16:24:13 2002
Great Stuff? Thanks for all your contributions.
Name: jack     (USA)   amzfx_AT_email_DoT_com
Posted: Sat Mar 16 20:15:33 2002
WGThickPresence asked on the old message board: On the boosters used in the Shaka Bruddrah and Sweet 16, etc. the cap in between the JFETs in each stage varies a lot from design to design. Aron uses .01uf and Doug uses .22uf. Does this primairly effect the bass roll off, or does it effect the midrange/highs as well?

I responded: It controls the low frequency rolloff. If you make it small, the highs will be boosted but the lows will not. Making it larger passes all frequencies to the upper jfet and allows it to better act as a constant current at lower frequencies.



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