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Thanks for viewing my guestbook! It is a place for your quick comments or suggestions about AMZ.
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Fri Dec 30 05:43:28 2005
I just noticed that I got a brief mention in the Musician's Hotline online magazine:

Pedal Power column
Name: MR COFFEE     ()   sterling_soundNOSPAM_AT_bellsouth_DOT_net
Posted: Sun Dec 11 21:32:05 2005
Hi Jack,
Donner Rusk said you were working on a compressor about 2-3 years ago - possibly for release as a product.

Does it look like it's going to happen? Any details you are willing to share about your design? Any clips? Donner was impressed.

Thanks for all you do for DIY.
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Thu Dec 8 19:42:42 2005
Check out this bench power supply for vacuum tube projects. Includes instructions and schematic:
Vacuum Tube Power
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Thu Dec 8 19:33:27 2005
Hey, I got a very nice mention at this music portal site: Web Guide
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Fri Dec 2 05:19:14 2005
Here's a schematic for a 3-channel electric guitar preamp:
The Tiny Trio
Name: Chris     (USA)   Streetcow_AT_gmail_DOT_com
Posted: Mon Nov 28 17:58:44 2005
Just built a web site for a bench power supply. I decided to make one of these after looking around and finding nothing available for the homebrew, DIY and old radio restorer. It works great and I'll never power up in the shop with out it. The schematic and plans are free, have fun building one for yourself.
Bench Power SUpply
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Fri Nov 25 23:36:55 2005
Ready to build your first DiY mini-synth?
Wacky-Zany Noisemaker
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Fri Nov 18 15:36:23 2005
Interesting VSTi:
Free Amp sim plugins
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Fri Nov 18 14:42:08 2005
Get a free software plug-in that does amp emulations:
Amplitube Uno
Name: Damien     (Australia)   zapmagic_AT_hotmail_DOT_com
Posted: Sat Oct 29 18:49:51 2005
Hey jack! Long time no post on here....

found a website that might be of use. Its a forum that is used as a database for all things audio and tube related.

Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Tue Oct 4 11:30:35 2005
Note to self... #38 copper wire,

0.1007mm diameter and 2.11 ohms per meter.

Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Wed Sep 28 19:34:05 2005
Build a true-bypass strip:

Single Coil web site
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Fri Sep 16 05:06:36 2005
I was amused when I recently read on one of the effects forums that mosfet boosters are cleaner than jfet boosters. Is this true? Certainly not. A jfet booster can be just as clean as one based on a mosfet.

What causes the difference in sound? It is the subtleties of the designs that make the difference -- how the gain is implemented and controlled. For example, higher input impedance (up to a point) makes for a more extended high end to the sound.

Is the AMZ Mosfet Booster cleaner sounding than the Mini-Booster? Yes, but it has to do with the gain control method. Read more about this at:

Boosters, Gain & Distortion
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Mon Sep 12 06:20:14 2005
Have yo ever used Google News to find the latest info on guitar effects or schematics? Go to the site below and enter your search word to get the latest:

Google News Site
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Sat Sep 3 04:32:16 2005
There is a new stompbox web site with some great resources... check it out:
The Stompbox
Name: Martin Martinez     (Uruapan,Michoacan,Mexico)   kenokesiyahoo_DOT_com_DOT_mx
Posted: Thu Aug 25 13:47:09 2005
Hi just to say thanks, been here a lot of times and got so many good ideas as well as schms, and never saw up to the nav bar!! today found it and discovered your gstbk.
so all i have to say is as before so many thanks and keep this great place going ,, maybe i'll send you something on may part too, like a cable tester i've been doin for years for my friends, is simple, 3 ICs runs on 9v and is used to check continuity, shorts and opens of trs,xlr and 4 pin speakon cables also w a small generator to test speakers or else i'll try to get some time between jobs and do the schm,photos and description.
should i send you the compressed files separate or as a single doc?
and thanks again
Name: Kaarlo Kangasniemi     (Finland)   pete_DOT_purplepie_AT_welho_DOT_com
Posted: Fri Aug 12 11:30:40 2005
Hi there,
could you say where i can found Frank Clarke´s Hot harmonics shematics?
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Wed Aug 10 09:25:59 2005
Some free electronic reference works:

The Scientist and Engineer's Guide to Digital Signal Processing by Steven W. Smith, Ph.D.

Free chapters from Op Amp Applications Handbook, edited by Walt Jung

Free download: A Designer's Guide to Instrumentation Amplifiers, written by Charles Kitchin and Lew Counts

Lessons in Electric Circuits

Basic Electronics

Electronic Construction from A to Z
Name: amz-fx     (USA)  
Posted: Sun Jul 31 13:54:15 2005
I wrote an article about web design for Diskmakers, who offer many affordable packages for CD and DVD production.

Diskmakers Indi-Edge Newsletter
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Fri Jun 10 20:05:03 2005
Reverse voltage circuit proection from 1996
EDN Magazine: reverse voltage protection
Name: amz-fx
Posted: Tue May 17 21:38:37 2005
NOTICE: A spammer recently use a return address on his trash! That sucks! I do not sell or otherwise disclose your email address to any third party. There is NO SPAM that is actually originating from

Thanks, Jack

Name: amz-fx     (USA)  
Posted: Wed Apr 27 18:18:11 2005
Looking for a different seach engine from Google? Try Clusty:
Clusty search for effects
Name: Wayn     ()   wain1051_AT_yahoo_DOT_com
Posted: Thu Apr 7 22:54:28 2005
I am looking for a Boss TU-2 schematic. The pedal turns on and the displays changes rapidly and continuously with no input. Any help. please email schematic. Thanks.
Name: danny     (israel)   peacock1_AT_netvision_DOT_net_DOT_il
Posted: Wed Mar 2 14:53:01 2005
dear mr. jack orman
i'v been bulding gtr fx for a few months now and its amazing i just wanna say thanks for all the helpfull info on your site i built you fuzz face and muff boost and am useing them both in my band just wanted to thank you and give credit & respect. danny from israel

Thank you! regards, JACK

Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Tue Mar 1 21:52:56 2005
Affordable pcb software:
Pulsar Software
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Mon Feb 28 08:54:54 2005
These look to have some interesting applications:
Power Jfets
Name:     ()  
Posted: Sun Feb 27 01:35:30 2005
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Mon Feb 21 19:41:10 2005
How long have there been boutique effects? I don't know but I owned a record and music store in 1976-1977 where I built and sold handmade custom effects boxes... they even had true bypass switching! (Thanks to Craig Anderton) That's right, 1976... years before the Internet and way way before the current crop of small effects manufacturers had popped up. :)

regards, Jack

Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Fri Feb 18 16:34:34 2005
Note: I will usually respond to your email about your parts order within 24 hours (not counting weekends). However, if your Paypal account is registered with an email address that you no longer use, or you spell your email incorrectly on my order form or Hotmail (Yahoo, AOL, etc.) deletes my message because it flags it as junk mail, then you may think you are not getting a response. Don't assume your messages are not being answered.
Name: MIke     ()   mikabodcrane_AT_aol_DOT_com
Posted: Sat Feb 12 12:05:13 2005
Concerning my YAFF post below. Its not really the distortion of the YAFF, but the volume. The pedal produces a cut in volume with the effect in at almost all levels of the volume knob except very close to full rotation. I did add the tone control from the Fuzz Face and used .22uf for C3 as you suggested. Also I located the tone control inboard of the volume control, not outboard with a 2.2uf coupling capacitor as you have on the Fuzz Face. Could this result in volume loss? Does the volume pot resistance value need to be altered in either case from the 500K value to account for the addition of the tone control?

Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Thu Feb 10 19:31:42 2005
Robert Keeley quoted me in his Pedal Power column in Musician's Hotline magazine:
Pedal Power 2005
Name: Mike     ()   allowmj13_AT_aol_DOT_com
Posted: Tue Feb 1 09:25:59 2005
Thanks for the RF advice on the YAFF, it worked great. Still not sure if I am getting the intended sound. Here are the voltage values on the transistors,do they look ok?
Q1 c 1.76
b .67
e 0

Q2 c 4.7
b 1.8
e 1.1

Those readings look good! If you put the 10k ahead of C1, you may have to reduce it to 1k - 5k to get more distortion, if that's what you are looking for (as long as it kills the RF). -JACK

Name: donald stringer     (usa)   troublerat_AT_alltel_DOT_net
Posted: Sat Jan 22 16:14:18 2005
I have my dd-5 apart and I am trying to do the high cut mod. Where would you put cap. and what size would you suggest to do the cut? I am also working on a tap tempo idea, instead of using the foot tap method[I have made one of those] I want to use the signal sent from the strings to set the tempo, I believe all this involves is making a simple circuit[like a tuner] that is sensitive to guitar tones. That is converts your string signal to decibel level and use that to trip a reed relay to open and close in time with your usual required 4 beats in order for the boss dd-5 to pick up the tempo. Am I close ? thanks

I am not familiar with that mod so I can't really comment on it. I think the tap tempo idea is going to be more complicated than you propose and a relay isn't really the way to go, IMHO -JACK

Name: Mike     (USA)   Mikabodcrane
Posted: Fri Jan 14 09:13:30 2005
Hello Jack

I've completed my Yaff with tone control. Its lots of fun. I am picking up a good deal of RF. You recommended substituting a 10K resistor for the C1 cap on the mini-booster for better RF rejection. Can the 10k be used on the YAFF circuit for same reason. Does value of C1 need to be changed or eliminated?

You have to keep C1 in the YAFF. But you can add the 10k in series ahead of C1 and see if that fixes the problem. -JACK

Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Fri Jan 7 13:29:34 2005
Some great information on guitar building:
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Fri Jan 7 12:54:14 2005
Paul Marossy has some nice pix of his Shaka Tube project and even some o-scope shots. Check it out!
Shaka Tube project
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Wed Jan 5 04:18:30 2005
Guitar Effects software for $20! Overdrive/Distortion, Echo, Reverb, Chorus, Wah-wah (AutoWah & EnvelopeWah), Pitch shifter, Tremolo, I/O Bass/Mid/Treble EQ controls, Compression and Phaser. Also, handy guitar tuner included.
Guitar FX Box
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Mon Dec 27 15:52:08 2004
Diode compensates for distortion in a common emitter amplifier:
EDN Sept 16 issue
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Wed Dec 22 17:41:22 2004
Here's an interesting application note from Maxim on how to protect circuits from reverse polarity power connection... first appeared in EDN in March 1996. Enjoy!
Maxim Reverse Voltage Protection
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Sat Dec 18 15:42:30 2004
Interesting reading:
Pritchard's Tube Emulator
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Mon Dec 13 12:35:03 2004
My pal Robert Keeley has posted the schematic to one of his upcoming pedal designs... check out this one:

Keeley Buffer & Mixer
Name:     ()  
Posted: Sun Dec 5 22:03:35 2004
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Sat Dec 4 07:39:03 2004
A new FX book! Check it out and take advantage of the special offer:
Analogman's Guide to Vintage Effects
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Sun Nov 28 15:15:33 2004
Tracktion is a radical new type of music production software -- giving you a clean, intuitive, and clutter-free interface without losing professional features like drag-and-drop editing, a built-in sampler, VST plug-in and virtual instrument support, track freezing and more... all right at your fingertips.
Free Traction Software
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Sun Nov 21 08:36:38 2004
Did you ever want to get into circuit simulation with Spice but could not afford one of the expensive programs? Linear Technoloy has generously provided a FREE version of Spice that is quite complete with a simulator, schematic capture and waveform viewer!
Free LTspice
Name: Mike     (USA)   mikabodcrane_AT_aol_DOT_com
Posted: Mon Nov 15 09:51:13 2004
I am building the YAFF and considering adding the tone control from the Fuzz Face. My question is with adding R9 and C7 values as given on the Fuzz Face, do I need to alter the value of C3 on the YAFF. Thanks

I would make the value of C3 at least 0.1 if adding the tone control. Or even 0.22uf. -JACK

Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Wed Nov 10 14:36:11 2004
Reality TV for Analog Designers:
The Bob Pease Show
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Wed Nov 10 14:31:31 2004
Wondering about the subtle differences in capacitors... read what the master, Bob Pease, has to say about them:
Understand Capacitor Soakage
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Fri Nov 5 04:05:21 2004
Active loads and CCS circuits and measurements:
Constant Current designs
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Wed Nov 3 12:56:29 2004
Some old amplifier schematics:
Music Man Amps
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Sat Oct 30 06:21:37 2004
Slim line switching wall mount power adapters --- 9v at 500ma which should power several pedals if chained together. An inexpensive alternative to the 1-Spot!
Jameco Catalog Listing
Name: Richard Lingenberg     (USA)   richard_AT_integrity_DOT_com
Posted: Thu Oct 28 17:54:42 2004
MXR PARTS: We have the world's largest surplus of original MXR parts, components and accessories. Feel free to call or email...
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Thu Oct 14 11:26:31 2004
Are you interested in bridged-t notch filter design? There was a thread in the Stompbox Forum about this type of circuit... if you have a copy of the AMZ CD there is an article with schematics about this notch filter in the Lab Notebook section of the CD:
AMZ Effects CD
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Tue Oct 5 18:19:57 2004
Did you ever wonder how much current a pedal draws? This is a website that lists many commercial pedals and their current requirements:
The Power List
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Thu Sep 30 15:32:52 2004
Need a datasheet for an electronic part? Try this link:
Datasheet Search
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Sun Sep 26 18:22:37 2004
Elektor Electronics archives:
Free Download
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Thu Sep 23 09:23:04 2004
If you are interested in opamps, you should have Walt Jung's homepage bookmarked - lots of priceless info here:
Walt Jung homepage
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Fri Sep 17 15:59:48 2004
Stack the DAC:
DiY Paradise
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Fri Sep 17 07:25:11 2004
Get a free pcb made from your layout - offer expires at the end of September:
Advanced Circuits
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Thu Sep 16 05:44:11 2004
I found this info about GE transistor Spice models in sci.electronics.cad:

Make sure you verify these models before you use them. The only thing I remember about Germanium BJT models is that the energy gap parameter EG should be set to 0.7 or so, not the default 1.11 (some say 1.16) for Si. None of these models have set the EG parameter. Not that there aren't enough degrees of freedom with all the other parameters to fudge one's way around EG, specially if one is not modeling temperature-dependence; this is just dubious and worth verifying.

*PNPGE1 MCE 8-12-97
*Ref: ECG Semiconductors Master Replacement Guide 1996 Edition
*Ge 150mW 20V 300mA 5MHz pkg:TO-5 3,2,1
.MODEL PNPGE1 PNP (IS=1.51N NF=1 BF=52 VAF=80.5 IKF=0.18 ISE=16.8N NE=2
+ BR=4 NR=1 VAR=80 IKR=0.27 RE=0.172 RB=0.687 RC=68.7M XTB=1.5
+ CJE=38.2P VJE=1.1 MJE=0.5 CJC=12.3P VJC=0.3 MJC=0.3 TF=31.8N TR=22.1U)
*PNPGE2 MCE 8-12-97
*Ref: ECG Semiconductors Master Replacement Guide 1996 Edition
*Ge 150mW 16V 250mA 2MHz pkg:TO-5 3,2,1
.MODEL PNPGE2 PNP (IS=1.25N NF=1 BF=117 VAF=72 IKF=0.15 ISE=6.22N NE=2
+ BR=4 NR=1 VAR=80 IKR=0.225 RE=0.206 RB=0.824 RC=82.4M XTB=1.5
+ CJE=33P VJE=1.1 MJE=0.5 CJC=10.7P VJC=0.3 MJC=0.3 TF=79.5N TR=55.2U)
*PNPGE3 MCE 8-12-97
*Ref: ECG Semiconductors Master Replacement Guide 1996 Edition
*Ge 340mW 32V 500mA 2.5MHz pkg:TO-5 3,2,1
.MODEL PNPGE3 PNP (IS=2.51N NF=1 BF=136 VAF=102 IKF=0.3 ISE=10.7N NE=2
+ BR=4 NR=1 VAR=40 IKR=0.45 RE=0.103 RB=0.412 RC=41.2M XTB=1.5
+ CJE=58.7P VJE=1.1 MJE=0.5 CJC=18.9P VJC=0.3 MJC=0.3 TF=63.6N TR=44.2U)
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Mon Sep 13 13:08:35 2004
OT: The best freeware programs - free of spyware:
Pricelessware. org
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Sun Sep 12 15:44:14 2004
Here is a good chip source for some hard-to-find parts, Burr-Brown, Crystal and On Semi:
Audio Chips
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Thu Sep 9 20:38:45 2004
I think this is a Bode frequency shifter for guitar:
Elektor Doubler
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Thu Sep 9 19:13:47 2004
Get custom parts machined from your drawings:
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Thu Sep 9 19:12:45 2004
A different way to make prototypes... lay out the board and they'll put it together for you, complete with parts:
Pad 2 Pad
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Thu Sep 9 14:05:31 2004
Roland RE-201 Space Echo service documents... has some schematics in it. Big file: 10Mb!
Roland Space Echo
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Thu Sep 9 12:10:05 2004
Here's a great archive of d-i-y projects... not many of them are music related but it's a great resource nonetheless:
Silicon Chip Online
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Fri Sep 3 16:31:18 2004
I've provided names for dozens of bands... I think it's so cool. See the list on my page at:

Band Names page
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Sat Aug 21 17:22:37 2004
The subject of the Rat and whether it is really a true-bypass pedal comes up so often that I wrote an article about it:
Is the Rat true-bypass?
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Wed Aug 18 05:31:39 2004
What have I been up to lately?

regards, Jack
Micro-Cinema Scene
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Sun Aug 15 18:53:50 2004
A new book about Guitar FX:
Guitar Effects Pedals by Dave Hunter
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Wed Aug 11 18:11:07 2004
They've made a documentary about Bob Moog... check it out:
The Moog Movie
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Sun Aug 8 20:07:57 2004
For the person who wrote me about the BC109 transistors... you email address was bad and bounced back to me.

The BC109 is an NPN silicon transistor.

Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Mon Aug 2 17:28:45 2004
Freeware for the audio hobbyist:
Dazy Web Labs
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Tue Jul 27 08:01:08 2004
Googlewhacking... is a game where you try to find a pair of search words that yield only a single site as a resposne from Google.

Try these two keywords in Google: zafty blimp

:) -Jack
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Sun Jul 25 16:27:03 2004
I don't agree with all of the information on this site, but there is lots of interesting reading anyway:
Pritchard Amps Tech Info
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Sun Jul 18 15:01:09 2004
A new schematic for your collections:
Keeley Fet Distortion
Name: Mark     (USA)   mark_AT_mcentrprises_DOT_com
Posted: Fri Jul 9 06:49:46 2004
I think the virtual amp is an awesome idea. I hope it some day comes to life. I know it will because it was thought of & spoken.
Keep up the great work!
Visit my Page
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Thu Jun 10 11:12:23 2004
Archives of the synth magazine, Synapse:
Synapse Magazine
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Mon Jun 7 14:51:36 2004
Legally purchase MP3s at very low rates!
All of MP3
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Mon Jun 7 04:31:40 2004
There is a new forum about d-i-y audio recording projects and equipment... check it out!
Group DIY Forum
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Tue Jun 1 06:09:06 2004
Do you still like to tune your guitar by ear? Download this program that plays tones to which you match the pitch of each string:
Guitar Tuner
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Thu May 27 10:55:18 2004
How to write a VST plugin, complete with source code and a free ring-mod plugin:
KillerRinger VST Plugin
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Tue May 25 13:41:54 2004
You wanna hear about a bonehead move? London Power comes out with Volume 5 of their superb The Ultimate Tone series, and immediately closes their mail order department for a month. Who thought that was a good idea?
London Power Tut5
Name: tulio Federico     (Argentina)   tulecon99_AT_hotmail_DOT_com
Posted: Mon May 10 19:19:32 2004
Hola soy bajista y he estado haciendo algunos proyectos, como por ejemplo un distorsionador fuzz para bajo electrico y ahora estoy interesado en construir un compresor para bajo pero no puedo conseguir ssm2165, quisiera raber si ud. tiene idea de algun reemplazo para este circuito integrado.
lo saluda muy attentamente Tulio Perez
El SSM2165 está un disponible no más largo. Usted puede comprar el SSM2166 de la Small Bear Electronics -JACK.
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Tue May 4 11:54:12 2004
Get a legal free version of ProTools!
ProTools LE
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Wed Apr 28 20:12:58 2004
Here is an interesting link... the discontinued products have schematics available!
Symetrix Audio
Name: David     (US)  
Posted: Fri Apr 16 06:52:25 2004

I wanted to build an op-amp preamp for my acoustic using your "Basic Buffers" article and Gus Smalley's "Simple Octave Up". If I take your TL071 buffer, but substitute a pot and ratio resistor for the feedback loop, could this induce any kind of instability or noise? I was thinking of doing this with either a 071 or a 5534.
Name: amz-fx     ()   http://www_DOT_muzique_DOT_com/email_DOT_htm
Posted: Thu Apr 15 18:19:17 2004
FYI: The European Union will ban lead solder in electronics as of July 1, 2006. This can be important if you live in Europe or ship products there. I'll post info about alternative solders as it becomes available.

regards, Jack
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Thu Apr 15 11:14:07 2004
A new search engine... try searching for effects schematics on this site:
A9 Search Engine
Name: Ricky Vance     (USA)   gr_DOT_vance_AT_verizon_DOT_net
Posted: Fri Apr 9 11:22:28 2004
>>My employer just took out an insurance policy on my life for the amount of $1 Million!<><

I dunno Jack, if I were you I'd be starting my car by remote control!!


the intention
Name: Damien     (Australia)  
Posted: Wed Apr 7 03:56:44 2004
Making your own PCBs. Do you do it? if so how. Mainly a good program that i can draw up a schem then link it to a PCB design i can print out.

Name: carson     (usa)   carson_AT_pyralis_DOT_net
Posted: Thu Mar 11 18:33:32 2004
You know the sound that a tube amp gets when you flip the off switch but continue to play for a little while? I've heard people call it the brown sound, although i believe this effect to be different than the brown sound talked about in some marshall amp mods. Does anyone know how to either mod an amp or create a foot pedal that gets the tube-amp-powering-down-sound? I'd even settle for a little info as to what is causing that sound. Power tubes being under powered? any help would be great thanks.

A variac is an AC voltage controller that is used to reduce the line voltage from the typical 120v to 100v or even less, which produces the brown-out type of sound. This method is hard on the amplifier though... -JACK

Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Sun Mar 7 20:58:56 2004
NOTICE: I have had a major hard disk crash and lost almost everything on my computer. My site and CD files are backed up but much of my recent work is not. It is a disaster, and I will not be on the forums much until I get my computer up and running properly again.

regards, Jack

Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Tue Mar 2 17:32:59 2004
My favorite CD of 2003:
Swing - Suzy Bogguss
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Tue Feb 17 10:33:02 2004
Keeley Effects is offering some custom pedals with gorgeous handmade wooden enclosures. Check it out!
Keeley Wood Enclosures
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Thu Feb 5 07:12:22 2004
Bookmark this page with a great collection of datasheets for special electronic music chips such as the old SSM and CEM semiconductors, and some analog delay chips:
Music Chip datasheets
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Thu Feb 5 07:09:22 2004
Scott Bernardi's synth projects:
OG2 synth projects
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Wed Feb 4 01:38:01 2004
Looking for a new project to build? How about a wireless transmitter for your axe?
D-i-Y Wireless for Guitar
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Tue Jan 27 05:22:33 2004
I'm working on a new article and decided to measure some cables for inductance... interestingly, a 20ft. guitar cord that was stretched out straight across the floor had 0.022mH of inductance. When coiled into an 8" diameter loose coil on the floor, the inductance increased to 0.039mH. That's more than 50% increase... the lesson from this is to NOT leave your cords coiled up on the floor. -JACK
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Mon Jan 26 19:36:12 2004
Nice amp chassis!
Welborne Labs
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Sun Jan 25 00:53:57 2004
Kepro, who made pre-sensitized pc boards for photoetching, has gone out of business. The Kepro pcb products will now be supplied by:
D&L products Inc.
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Fri Jan 23 07:02:20 2004
Need help with DVD or VCD recording?
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Wed Jan 21 06:42:17 2004
16-channel Multi-track recording for your PC!
Fat Rock Studio
Name: Mike     (USA)   mikabodcrane_AT_aol_DOT_com
Posted: Sun Jan 11 17:04:00 2004

I built the A/B switch box from the AMZ CD. It is a good unit, but I get the pop when swithing between outputs. I studied the triple bypass as presented later in the CD, but it appears I would be limit me to using a single LED. What is the best way to get rid of the pop and still have the two LEDs?
Thanks, Mike

You can put a 1M resistor from the input signal wire to ground and that should stop the pop. -JACK

Name: Max     (P.R.C.)   liqunchao_002_AT_hotmail_DOT_com
Posted: Sun Jan 11 01:39:29 2004
Thanks a lot ,Jack!

And, here is a PICTURE of the pedal

But I am not sure if you can read this page or not cause it is an Simple Chinese site. And thank you again friend :)
Name: I have a question here!Thanks for your help.     (P.R.C.)   liqunchao_002_AT_hotmail_DOT_com
Posted: Sun Jan 11 00:50:06 2004
Guys, I am serching for a pedal, named MESA BOOGIE (Maybe it is the name of its producer)-V1 and its inside curcite,COULD ANYONE HELP ME A HAND ?

And, I`m not quite GOOD at English .haha` ~So I say SORRY First. And Thank you All

Mesa is an amplifier manufacturer and I'm not sure they offer an pedals. You can find them at -Jack

Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Thu Jan 1 15:09:04 2004
Walt Jung's page... read what the master of op-amps has to say about audio:
Walt Jung articles
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Tue Dec 30 14:27:00 2003
Dr. Tube has some interesting amp and audio schematics:
Dr. Tube's page
Name:     ()  
Posted: Mon Dec 29 17:51:15 2003
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Tue Dec 23 22:59:59 2003
All kinds of decal paper:
Papilio Media
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Tue Dec 23 15:32:08 2003
A new pcb etch method:
Toner Transfer System
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Thu Dec 18 05:16:44 2003
Analog Synth news and schematics:
Music from Outer Space
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Thu Dec 4 08:55:50 2003
Sympathetic Vibratory Physics:
The Love Machine
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Tue Dec 2 03:21:02 2003
The human body has about 200pF of capacitance...
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Wed Nov 19 11:22:52 2003
Here is an interesting collection that you may not have seen:
Guitar Amp Schematics
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Wed Nov 19 01:20:35 2003
Here is a large collection of circuits that someone has collected from around the web, including the Paia scans from my site (that I had published with permission of Paia):
Sound Circuits
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Fri Nov 7 00:04:35 2003
The information on this page is useful in diode clipping applications:
Diode data
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Thu Nov 6 05:34:33 2003
As long as I'm on the subject of weird science...
Coin Shrinking
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Thu Nov 6 05:28:46 2003
An unusual phenomenon:
Lichtenberg Figures
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Tue Nov 4 03:53:08 2003
This guy does some interesting experiments...
More Negative Resistance
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Thu Oct 30 14:15:09 2003
The negistor, lambda diodes and time running backwards in a superconducting zone...
Negative Resistance
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Wed Oct 22 12:01:41 2003
Don't have enough projects to work on? How about some MP3 recording hardware?
MP3 Projects
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Mon Oct 20 11:23:10 2003
So, you want to get into circuit bending? How about some schematics to get you started:
Alien Devices
Name: amz-fx     ()  
Posted: Mon Oct 20 01:28:30 2003
With the continued introduction of new US legislation limiting decompiling, reverse engineering and circuit deciphering, it may be illegal in the near future to trace the circuit of a commercial pedal... seems unlikely but think about the Fritz chip that would automatically delete software from your hard drive or prevent your computer from booting... or the proposed Database and Collections of Information Misappropriations Act that might be extended to protect fan lists or even link collections?

The Digital Millenium Copyright Act has provisions (17 U.S.C. sec. 1201(a)(1)(A)) to prevent the bypassing of technical measures meant to protect circuits and it is conceivable this could be used to extend protection to circuit reverse engineering... think it is not likely?

Lexmark has used the DMCA to prevent the sale of aftermarket toner cartridges:

Sony used the DMCA to threaten a hobbyist who reverse engineered the code in the Aibo robot dog and made some mods to have the robo-pet perform new tricks, even though he never revealed the secrets of the Aibo, and only relented under a mountain of adverse publicity and public pressure:

Apple Computer also invoked the DMCA...

The “anti-circumvention” provisions of the DMCA are broad and far reaching. Can pedal protection be far behind, and the day when we can post schematics long gone?

Then again, I may be wrong....


ps: For those of you who are not interested in this subject and are disappointed that there were no schematics herein, I'll include a link to some Moog schematics Get a look at them before the DMCA shuts 'em down ;)


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