[1645] FV-1 Dev Board

Date: October 8th, 2014 | Comments : none | Categories: DIY.

FV-1 test board

Here is my FV-1 prototype setup.

I folded a piece of aluminum to act as a chassis, then mounted my SPN1001-DEV development board on it. I built one of my dual opamp pc boards and added it as an interface between the guitar input and the digital board. The opamp board can add gain to the guitar signal if needed.

Also, the power jack that I added is configured with center-negative like most guitar fx power adapters (the SPN1001-DEV has the opposite polarity) so when I take the test board over to my pedalboard, any of the pedal power connections will work with it.

The power and signal jacks unplug from the development board in case I need to isolate it for some reason.

All that is left is to clean the front panel and stick on some labels.

FV-1 test board


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