[76] Mosfet pin configurations

Date: March 5th, 2008 | Comments : [3] | Categories: DIY.

Mosfet pin configuration
I bought some 2N7000 mosfet transistors that arrived today, and when I checked the datasheet, the pin designations were as shown here. This S-G-D configuration is the opposite of the common BS170 that I have previously recommended for the AMZ Mosfet Booster.

The pinout of this part underscores the need to always check the pin configuration of your transistors. I would estimate that placing the transistor into the circuit with the pins oriented incorrectly is by far the leading cause of problems that builders have with my mosfet booster.

If you suspect this is the problem, the mosfet can be rotated 180° to correct it.


3 Responses to “Mosfet pin configurations”

[1248] Horacio Says: 10:25 pm, July 8th, 2010

Hi… im trying to do this project… Mosfet booster… but i got problems… im not familiar with this kind of stuff… building, soldering… the thing is that i do the board, have all the parts. I got BS170, so… how should i solder it? like the graphic said? BS170 also is SGD right?? so i should solder it in reverse than the picture show?
Other question, what means CNT in the booster circuit? i didnt get that…
Please save me from this 🙁

[1249] admin Says: 1:23 pm, July 9th, 2010

The BS-170 is usually D-G-S, not the way it is shown in the picture above.

Basic info about building pedals is available here: http://www.diystompboxes.com/wiki/index.php?title=DIY_FAQ


[1251] Horacio Says: 7:18 pm, July 12th, 2010

OHhh ok, thank you very much. Cause i read that the BS170 sometime came with failure, or doesnt work. I try to get 2n7000 but they dont have it.
And i find out what was CNT, its about the DPDT. Thing i couldnt buy yet in any electronic store. I will try on a music store.
Thank you for the reply.


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