[2352] New Year’s Resolution

Date: January 13th, 2018 | Comments : [3] | Categories: DIY.

Work bench

New Year’s Resolution… I must clean up the workbench!


[2347] BBDs are not analog

Date: January 5th, 2018 | Comments : [10] | Categories: DIY.

A bucket-brigade-device (BBD) is not analog. It is a sampling circuit that takes small slices of the incoming voltage just like an analog-to-digital-converter (ADC), and the main difference between the two methods is in how the samples (slices) are stored. The BBD samples are stored as voltage levels on tiny capacitors in the BBD chip, while the digital system converts the voltage levels to a digital measurement and stores the binary word(s) in memory.



[2337] Hackaday post

Date: December 21st, 2017 | Comments : none | Categories: DIY.

Hackaday logo My web site was mentioned as a source in an article on Hackaday called:

Taking a Guitar Pedal From Concept Into Production


[2287] Guitar Effects Explained

Date: November 27th, 2017 | Comments : [1] | Categories: DIY.

Guitar Effects cover         Distortion Book cover

Guitar FX Mods ebook         Guitar FX Mods ebook


[2331] The $58 Op Amp

Date: November 13th, 2017 | Comments : [3] | Categories: DIY.

The $58 super jfet audio op amp. Mouser Part #: 513-MUSES03

And it is only a single, not a dual…


[2329] EDN article on low power Jfets and soft clipping

Date: November 10th, 2017 | Comments : none | Categories: DIY.

A new EDN article on low power and soft clipping was just published a few days ago, and lists one of my Lab Notebook articles as a reference:

Distortion pedal circuit features low power and soft clipping

The LSK489 jfet used in the article is a nice component, but very expensive. Not out of reach of a DIY builder, but not readily available and there are numerous less expensive jfets that could be used in the circuit with acceptable results.


[2317] Order Modules Now!

Date: October 30th, 2017 | Comments : none | Categories: DIY.

AMZ module

Order assembled modules now, before the price goes up!

I had no intention of increasing the price of the modules, but I ordered some Jfet buffer modules this morning, and found that the factory had added a setup charge that almost doubles the price. Ouch!

I’m not sure if I can continue to offer pre-assembled modules at the new higher production cost, so I may have to look for a new assembler or discontinue them.

There are plenty of the Opamp and V-Doubler modules in stock, and lesser amounts of the others. The Jfet buffer module is out of stock but I will have it at the current price when the new order arrives in a couple of weeks.

I will keep the prices on all modules at the current amount through the end of 2017, or until the stock of each module runs out. Not too sure what will happen in the new year. The production cost increase does not apply to the ready-to-solder pc boards. It only applies to the pre-assembled modules.

Thanks for your interest. Best regards, Jack


[2314] Decapping the LM308

Date: October 19th, 2017 | Comments : none | Categories: DIY.

LM308 die shot

If you are a fan of the LM308 for use in the ProCo Rat, then you probably will be interested in reading Ken Shirriff’s blog where he strips away the layers of the integrated circuit and shows the chip’s internals.

Die photos and analysis of the LM308 op amp


[2222] Good Free Band Names

Date: September 23rd, 2017 | Comments : none | Categories: DIY.

Okay, maybe "good" is subjective, but they are FREE!

I have updated the band names page for the second time for 2017. Check it out!

AMZ Free Band Names Page

I encourage everyone to pronounced the names on the list out loud… especially if you are reading them in a public place!

Updated: Sept. 23, 2017


[2303] Modeling the Stringz-n-Thingz Synth

Date: September 14th, 2017 | Comments : [2] | Categories: DIY.

I bought the Native Instruments Kontakt sampler a while back (when it was on sale) as I wanted to use it as a multi-functional instrument. However, I soon discovered that it is also really good for creating your own sampled instruments, quickly and easily.

In fact, all you have to do is drop a sample into Kontakt’s rack and it instantly becomes a midi-controlled sampler, all created from a single sound. It is so cool.




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