[2716] CMOS Cookbook

Date: October 26th, 2020 | Comments : [1] | Categories: DIY.

I have a paper copy of the 1st edition of the CMOS Cookbook that I used so often that the pages started to come loose from the binding. It is an essential resource for anyone who wants to work with CMOS chips.

The author, Don Lancaster, has made the 4th edition of CMOS Cookbook available for free download from his site. Get it immediately. Thanks Don!


[2713] CA3080 OTA

Date: September 19th, 2020 | Comments : none | Categories: DIY.

Several vintage CA3080 chips that I plan on using for some new projects, including a Ross/Dynacomp clone for testing purposes.


[2711] Premier Guitar article

Date: September 17th, 2020 | Comments : none | Categories: DIY.

I got mentioned a couple of times in an article in the recent issue of Premier Guitar. Read the article here.

Thanks to Aron Nelson and Tzvi Gluckin for their kind words!

AMZ is the oldest continually published pedal site on the Internet.


[2707] 25 Years!

Date: August 18th, 2020 | Comments : [3] | Categories: DIY.

This month marks 25 years of continuous publication of the AMZ web site, though in the first few years it was called DMZ.


[2704] Free Download (again)

Date: June 5th, 2020 | Comments : none | Categories: DIY.

Another free download, this time from Hans Camenzin who invented the 555 timer chip! The book is called Designing Analog Chips and is available as a free download from the author.


[2702] Tweed Stack and SSM2166

Date: May 9th, 2020 | Comments : none | Categories: DIY.

The Tweed Stack and SSM2166 compressor circuit boards are back in stock and available for immediate ordering. Check it out!


[2701] Ibanez MT-10 Mostortion

Date: May 9th, 2020 | Comments : [1] | Categories: DIY.

It is possible to make an overdrive on the SoS pcb that has most of the important characteristics of the Ibanez MT-10 Mostortion. It will not be an exact duplicate but the essential characteristics are present.

I have added the parts list and instructions to the support page for the AMZ SoS pcb.


[2699] Free Download

Date: May 6th, 2020 | Comments : [1] | Categories: DIY.

Free download from the publisher:

Practical Electrical Engineering

Authors: Sergey N. Makarov, Reinhold Ludwig, and Stephen J. Bitar



[2693] AMZ Buffer Module

Date: April 23rd, 2020 | Comments : none | Categories: DIY.

The AMZ Jfet buffer module is back in stock (and out of quarantine!). It is shown in my hand for size comparison. It is about twice the size of my thumbnail. More info on the pcb order page.


[2679] Instagram

Date: April 20th, 2020 | Comments : none | Categories: DIY.

You can find photos of electronic projects on my Instagram page.

More to come. Click the link to Follow Me!



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